Kitchen Color Schemes

We talked about the color of kitchen before.Different color can bring us different feeling. But Do you know how to use several color together to decorate your kitchen?
Pulling all the components of the kitchen design together can mean co-ordinating several kitchen colors. From floors to counters, colors need to work together.

Kitchen counters are one of the main areas of design in the kitchen. They embody large sections of the kitchen design, and see a great deal of work. Granite countertops in particular have multiple tones and colors running through them. Even counters, which at first glance seem to be one, predominant color, can have multiple colors within. Uba Tuba, a popular dark green granite, has flecks of white, gold and occasionally turquoise within its surface. This gives homeowners a built in pallet. Cabinets and floors can be a warm, honey tone to pick up the gold, while the backsplash can incorporate bits of turquoise, and the alls can take on a shade of green close to white.

If there is more than one area of wood in the kitchen, such as a kitchen island, or hardwood floors, combined with the kitchen cabinets, it’s important to coordinate the two wood tones.

If using light colored cabinets, with a dark counter, try using a darker toned wood floor. Be sure to take the tone of the floor from another area of the kitchen, such as the countertop or island, to pull the design together.

For kitchen islands, try using contrasting wood tones and countertops to the main cabinets and counter. Off white cabinets with a light colored counter can be contrasted with a deep, mahogany colored island, and coordinating deep colored counter.

If the kitchen cabinetry is dark, try using a really rich toned color on the kitchen walls to add vibrant depth to the room, brightening, but not lightening. White, and light colored cabinets, can use lighter tones of paint, so as not to overwhelm the room or the viewer. Use a color that looks well against, but doesn’t necessarily match the other colors in the room.

The kitchen backsplash is the place to accent and highlight the rest of the kitchen design. Pull the remaining tones and colors from the granite, such as the cranberry flecks in Giallo Ornamentale, or the turquoise in Uba Tuba, and mix them with the main tones of the rest of the kitchen.

Which Kind of Cabinet Door Do You Like Best?

When a person looks at a cabinet, the first thing that he/she seems to notice will be its door.Cabinet doors form a major part of the overall Decor of their kitchen.Apart from installing the right cabinet door, depending upon the overall look of your kitchen, you also need to take proper of the door, to keep the room looking as elegant as ever.

There are lots of options for you, as far as kitchen cabinet door are concerned. Which kind of cabinet door do you prefer?

If you like clean lines, a slab door may be the choice for you. A flat door that essentially looks like a slab of wood, metal or other material, these doors eschew panels. Add pizzazz to an MDF door by routing a detailed edge profile.

Raised Panel
A panel, usually made by joining pieces of solid stock lumber with adhesive, is secured to the door's frame. Raised panels generally measure between 1/2" and 3/4" thick. A routed edge profile tends to give the door a more elegant appearance.

Recessed Panel
The recessed panel door is a flat panel affixed inside a frame constructed with miter or mortise and tenon joints. The resulting appearance has a picture frame-type look and a simpler, more country or transitional appearance.

Curved Panel
The top portion of this door’s decorative panel curves upward in a gentle arch. The panel itself is generally raised.

Cathedral Panel
A cathedral-type arch is incorporated into the upper rail of this raised or recessed panel.

Beadboard Panel
Typically found in a recessed panel, beadboard uses routed beaded details to create a casual country style.

A single piece of engineered wood material (such as MDF) is shaped to take on the appearance of a recessed or raised panel within the door, then painted or covered in laminate.


Why White Kitchen?

White is not always monotonic, it may be the most beautiful color.A white kitchen might sound stark and cold, but it doesn't have to be. White is no longer simply "white". It is French Vanilla, Eggshell, Cream, and the list goes on. These subtle colors mixed with white add a feeling of warmth to your walls and cabinets.

There are so many reason for white kitchen:
1.White is timeless.Simple is the best.White is the perfect background color for almost any other color. White is also easier to keep clean because dirt is more visible than with other colors.

2.The turn to white kitchens came during the Victorian period, when homeowners began to spend more time in the kitchen. The materials available at the time also lent themselves to white, such as the porcelain for tiles and sinks and milk-based paints for cabinetry.

3.For small kithcen, white works well for small kitchens because it is light and bright, making the space appear larger.

4.Modern. In a contemporary kitchen, white helps create shadows and contrasts that emphasize planes and surfaces.

5.Lighting.Good lighting helps give definition and character to a white kitchen, since white is so reflective. The room can seem warm or cold, depending on the light source (natural or man-made).

Therefor, why don't you make a white kitchen?

Modern European Kitchen

With full length folding glass doors, the Verve has large expanses of hazy glass that reveals hints of the contents. The internal cabinet lights add a striking ethereal touch. The aluminium trim compliments the glossy frameless lacquered doors in a lovely dove-grey. Ernestomeda combine this with a brightly back-lit pantry that again uses light to expand the perceived space. Light and airy, the Verve kitchen feels open and spacious. The light colours and theatrical lighting create a peaceful kitchen that is far from dull.

The Supreme kitchen also uses frosted glass cabinets, but in a much more traditional style. The Supreme combines modern light features and its more traditional wood cabinets to create transitional modern design. Sophisticated white-ash frames the back-lit frosted glass doors; the ethereal haze of shapes provides a vitality and life.

The Silverbox kitchen uses a bright blue glass as vivid accent, but also displays the trendy stave pattern we’ve been seeing more of. The Silverbox uses the strong horizontal element to expand the kitchen and provide a uniform character. The aluminium stave doors provide a fantastic texture over which shadows richly play.


The Cute Tea Cup Cozy

Does your cup looks too monotonous? Why not to dress your cup?Make your coffee or tea not only taste good, but also look and feel good. Forget those nasty standard paper sleeves and try something soft, natural and truly unique.

This cute and trendy cabled cup cozy will keep your drink hot, and your hands cool. It is knitted using eco friendly yarn and fastens with a stylish hand-carved wooden button (that looks like a coffee bean, doesn't it?).

This cup cozy easily stratches to fit most standard cups and mugs, including travel mugs. Perfectly washable.

Many colors available. Please check them out in "Cup, Mug Cozies" section of my shop (sorry, direct link refuses to work for some reason).

You can also choose from three kinds of buttons: 2 wooden (triangle and bean) and coconut (round). Please let me know in the "Message to Seller" which one you like.


Wall pot rack in the kitchen

There are so many kitchen tools and pots in the kitchen, so we need an utilitarian appliance to place them. Certainly, you can put them in the kitchen cabinet or the countertop, but isn't there a better way? Why not use a wall pot rack? Pot racks serve three main purposes at the same time. They are decorative, add much needed space and keep your pots and pans at arms reach. These little details help make the difference between a boring and non-personalized kitchen as compared to an organized and comfortable looking kitchen.

A pot rack can be made of wood, brass, chrome, copper, or wrought iron and can be obtained in a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes.It is very important that a pot rack is mounted properly. Some racks, such as those made of wrought iron, are very heavy themselves. After arranging the cookware, there will be added weight, so care must be taken to see that the wall or the ceiling, as well as the pot rack, are able to support the weight.

Hanging pot racks are generally placed over kitchen islands or peninsulas, while wall pot racks are ideally positioned below cabinets or between two cabinets. Heavy, lighted pot racks are rarely chosen; because of their weight, they are hung from a fan brass that is affixed to the ceiling. Based on the requirements and space availability, a homeowner can choose a design that is both attractive and efficient.

You can purchase pot racks that compliment your existing kitchen colors, or you can make a statement with highly contrasting finishes. You could also consider mixing the finishes for a more stunning dramatic effect.


Multi-Function Kitchen Sinks

The importance of a kitchen sink is really beyond question. We use kitchen sink to wash vegetable, fruit, and dishes every day.With the development of technology, people purse the quality of life more than ever before. The kitchen faucet and kitchen sink as the kitchen parts, they need to be looked fashion and usable.

Ever time after we wash the vegetable, we want it be drained as soon as possible. Once upon a time, we usually use a plastic or a stainless steel basket alone to drain the washed vegetable. But now, you only needto buy a kitchen sink that with a drain board. At the same time, there are usually a cutting board with the kitchen sink. So the process become an easy ride. You complete the washing, draining,cutting in one worktop. Is it more convenient?


Change the kitchen appearance from the door

kitchen door
The appearance of your kitchen from its flooring to the appliances and kitchen doors can drastically affect the mood of your house.It is also a relaxing environment to use while entertaining.Kitchens are faceless without its hardware and doors. Since these doors are the first things you would often see, you have to remember to finish them off with the something you would want to look at for years.

Make sure that your replacement kitchen doors match the specific type of cabinet structures that you currently have. If you happen to find a set of kitchen doors that you are fond of, but they don't go with your existing cabinets, you could always consider painting the cabinets so they go together.

When you set your mind on a wooden kitchen door, would you go for solid wood or just wood veneers? While the temperature and humidity of outside conditions may affect solid wooden kitchen doors,Wood is available in many colors. It can also have the finish you want - glossed, varnished, painted, washed or waxed.

Laminate kitchen doors can have a variety of textures and colors, even more than that of the wooden ones. You can go for any look. If you want to project a soft feel in your kitchen, you can use creamy colors with a matte finish. If you want to show off elegance, go for an Italian style kitchen door with bold fronts and shining colors.

Glass kitchen doors are used to display a collection of cutlery. You may also use frosted glass for a concealed appeal, however, still visible. Glass doors can be versatile no matter your room theme is - be it traditional or contemporary.

Stainless steel can also be used as a material for kitchen doors. However, it is more popular being worktops and appliance casing than doors.

Don't settle for the first price quote you receive for your kitchen renovation projects. There are many stores out there with great products and services, and you should take your time to find the best items and installation options to fit your needs.


Kitchen lighting design

kitchen lighting
Lighting a kitchen is not like lighting other rooms in your house. Kitchens demand several types of lighting - such as task lighting and ambient lighting - that you'll want to incorporate equally into your kitchen design.

To achieve a feel-good kitchen, start by considering the ambient lighting or overall brightness. Factors include:

Kitchen size. Larger kitchens will require brighter bulbs or additional light fixtures; smaller kitchens won't require as bright or as many lights.
Light needed to see well into cabinets and drawers. Where light fixtures are placed relative to cabinet openings is important -- avoid lighting negatives such as a "scalloped" light effect.
Wall color and cabinet finish. Lower intensity lighting will be sufficient for walls that are all-white or light in color. Darker walls or dark finishes on cabinets will require higher intensity ambient lighting.
Location and number of windows and doorways. In addition to the number of windows in the kitchen, doorways to other rooms, skylights and patio doors may play a huge role in ambient lighting. Also consider the direction windows face and how that will affect the light at various times of year.

Deciding on the lighting for your kitchen means you must consider both the type of fixtures you want and their ideal placement. Lighting variety is limited only by your wants and desires - styles range from contemporary to traditional, in materials that include pewter, nickel, bronze, brass and glass.

With basic wiring skills you can complete both of these lighting upgrades in one day. As with any electrical work, your first step is to turn off the power to the circuits you plan to work on at the main panel. And before you handle any of the wires, use a circuit tester to make sure the circuits are shut down.

Tips for choosing kitchen tile

Kitchen tile
Selecting tiles for the kitchen is very difficult. Kitchens are not like all other rooms and certain parts of their walls, especially those that are near the over and burners will be subjected to a lot of heat. Tiling a kitchen floor can be rather expensive but it is worth it in the long run. You have many choices when it comes to tile for the kitchen floor.

Because kitchens are considered an area of "high traffic", which are also home to heavy appliances such as washing machines and fridges, it is important that you choose a floor tile that is hardwearing and scratch.

While selecting the floor tiles, remember that they will have to bear the maximum brunt, of spills, knocking of pots and pans, etc. So, they need to strong and tough. This is one of the main reasons why glass tiles don't work well in this case, except as accents.

Kitchen walls catch your eye very easily. So, make sure to give a lovable look to them. In this case, you can use feature tiles, borders and pattern designs to lend individuality.

Backsplash is the area that catches most of the spills of day-to-day cooking, so make sure that the tiles you use for the same are easy to clean as well as maintain. At the same time, they should impart a bit of character to the kitchen.

There are some tiles that are chemically inert and these are recommended for use in your kitchen. Use a combination of colors that gel with the floor of your kitchen and also the ovens and other equipments you have in your kitchen.


Chef kitchen decor tips

For a person who truly love to cook, the kitchen should be decorated with some difference compared with common kitchen.There should be an abundance of counters, with a large, study table (preferably butcher block) that can double as a work table and a dining table to be used for the casual meals or informal dinners.

Stainless-steel cabinets on both sides of the businesslike range are stocked with the chef's favorite spices and oils so he can quickly grab what he needs without moving from his command position. A pot spigot is ideal for filling pasta pots right at the range -- thus saving more steps.

Traditional cabinets surround the room on three sides and feature a variety of storage options. Maximizing the efficiency of the cooking zone, cabinetry is set above and below the counters. The deep drawers could slide out with a slight tug to reveal pots, pans, and lids. Smaller drawers could hold cooking utensils.A double oven, multiple refrigerator/freezer drawers, and even a cook-top with a separate range will make cooking for large parties a breeze in your upscale kitchen.

While this kitchen is white with neutral accents, adding color is a surefire way to spice up the look of any room. See the next page for ideas on adding color to your kitchen.

A red color kitchen

Red is always considered to be the most tradiotonal color. Red stand for happiness, celebration, fervor in China. More and more people use red to paint their rooms.The most common colors considered for kitchen paint ideas include warm shades of yellow, orange and red.

You can use the red to give it the country look, the modern look, the bold look or any look you like in your kitchen. It works on a painted wall or as a brick pattern on the wall between the top cabinet and the base cabinets.

Try red on the cabinets and keep the walls white or neutral. This kitchen has a cottage style, and the red adds some interest to the space. You can accent these with a great concrete counter top and have a wonderful updated country look. The cabinets also look great in a shiny finish. This works great for a very modern, contemporary look. Accenting with hardware of stainless works in a space like this. The counter tops can also be a stainless. What a very modern look for a space. This looks is wonderful in a small kitchen of an apartment. Look modern and be like no one else.

Again, try bright red against fresh white. This shade is slightly more contemporary because it uses only red, white, black and stainless steel. Using red in the kitchen as the canister set, or the upholstery on the furniture (stools or chairs) is a great way to bring it into the room without being overwhelmed.You don't have to shy away from color entirely. Red looks great with purple and yellow


Black kitchen paniting

Color is the surface of a home.It is the first impression to a home decor. Most people will choose the common color for their kitchen wall, like the white, orange, blue and so on. Can you image that a kitchen with the balck wall in your home? Don't worry, it is not exaggerate.On the contray, it looks beautiful and personality.

If you paint your kitchen wall black, you need to panit the cabinet other light color. White and black is the classic partner.So if you panint the kitchen cabinet white, it must looks concerted.

A good combination of kitchen colors in the scheme of your decoration can make your kitchen look livelier and more appealing. However mismatched color schemes can ruin your decor. Cool, light and dull colors that keep contrast to a minimum can expand a rooms dimensions to appear larger than it actually is. While warm, dark, bright colors with several contrasts can actually shrink a space in the minds eye.

Kitchen cabinet trends

May be you are a person who like the classic things, including home decor and personal dress. But most people like to pursue the fashionable and popular thing. Such as the kitchen cabinet. If you like the fashion, you need to learn some about the trends in 2009.People take their cabinets seriously. In fact, the cabinets are often the most prized components of a kitchen or bathroom.

Kitchen cabinets service purposes: the first is storage, and the second is style definition. Having a convenient place to store and retrieve food items and utensils is very important to the function of a kitchen. Poorly-designed cabinets that have not been placed properly can degrade the food preparation into a dreary chore as the cook searches for ingredients and condiments. However, even the functionally-fit kitchen can be a strain on the food preparer if the cabinets are not to his or her liking.

What is the trends for kitchen cabinet in 2009?

1.Personalized Storage-More cabinetry choices have made it possible to skip the formula and let the way you cook and your style preferences lead the way when it comes to outfitting your space.

2.Efficiency Inside-Equipped with glides similar to those used for drawers, these pullout units speak to efficiency: no wasted movements opening doors and then pulling out racks, and no struggling with hard-to-reach items in the back of the cabinet.

3.Display Space-displaying these pretty items has become increasingly popular, and manufacturers' varied options make doing so easy.

4.Decorative Elements- range of colors achieved through various finishing techniques has made it appear that new and unusual species of wood are taking root in today's kitchens, but in reality, maple is the No. 1 choice for cabinetry, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

5.The Look of Furniture-Moldings that finish off upper cabinets, backsplashes that complement upper and base cabinets, and physical separation from the rest of the built-in units.


kitchen Island, thr perfect addition to your kitchen

If there is enough space in your kitchen, I advise you to do a kitchen Island.Kitchen islands provide so many benefits to your kitchen – extra storage space underneath, extra counter space and prep space on top, as well as the additional interest the island will add to your kitchen design.

Here are kitchen island ideas to consider when planning your kitchen:

1.The first thing you should do is measure your kitchen and then think about where you want the island to go. Next, decide how much walking space you want to have around the island and then choose the size that best fits in the area and leaves the amount of walking space you require.

2.Take the opportunity to make your kitchen island mutli-functional because there's lots of options to choose from. Just about any appliance can be built into it including cook tops, under-the-counter refrigerators, sinks, dishwashers and trash compactors. Deep drawers provide a place to store bulky cookware and pullout shelves allow for more easy access. Pick a countertop for your island that matches your other counters or make it stand out by using a contrasting material. Also, your choice of cabinetry and decorative elements can make your island into a real quality item, similar to a fine furniture piece.

3.Counter Material Islands come in many kitchen counter materials and you can even get a countertop that will match the countertops in your kitchen. If you can’t get a match you might choose something neutral like butcher block or stainless steel.

With all of the new trends in home design, kitchens have become an important part of the family's living and entertaining space. .Take your time and choose the island that best suits your needs and taste so you are sure to enjoy it for many years to come.


Italian kitchen decor

When people want to do an Italian kitchen design, they often have a classic Italian motif in mind. While this may not be a complete reality, use your imagination and harken back to a more traditional age to create a beautiful and warm, family oriented family kitchen.

Ultra-modern, cutting edge-style is brought to life with the Matrix Varenna Kitchens: Italian Kitchen Design by Poliform. This super modular kitchen has everything you could need in a kitchen – all presented in the most stylish and versatile way possible. Designed on a large scale, the Matrix Varenna Kitchens offer wide surfaces and loads of storage. Minimalist, contemporary style means that there is a stripped-down, clean feel that emphasizes the smart use of space. A peninsular construction makes for convenience of use. In a combination of your choice of gorgeous materials such as wenge wood, stainless steel, corda glossy lacquer, glass, corian and ebony, this is truly a kitchen for the discerning.

The spirit of the Italian kitchen finds a new expression in Mediterranea: the programme that integrates the solutions and technology of the present, with the forms and materials of the past. The use of solid wood has allowed the creation of sturdy, free-standing structures, rich in pratical details and warmth: from the multi-function work island, with stainelss steel sink built into the wooden top, to the independent unit housing the oven and deep drawers for pots and pans.

Make a green kitchen

Green life has become a trends and fashion in everyone's life. With the improvement of life quality, people pursue the health life day after day.Kitchen is the main living area in a home.So the health should be started from the kitchen.The eco-friendly kitchen begins with eating green,and also including the decor of the kitchen.

Energy-efficient food preparation and cleaning habits, using equipment made from sustainable materials, and dodging toxic chemicals are also important if you want to have a truly healthy kitchen.

1.Make it last.
Choose cookware and utensils that stand the test of time and won’t have to be thrown away with your leftover casserole.

2.Energy Saving
When it comes to the stove top, it can be a tough choice between gas and electric; natural gas is a fossil fuel, but most of the electricity in the US comes from coal-burning power plants.

3.Water conservation
Never walk away while the faucet is on. Even if it's just for a second, it's not like electricity where it costs more to turn it on and off. It costs more to leave it running! Even though we're not always savvy to this fact, we really do need to conserve water in this country.

4.Green Cabinets
There are more Green kitchen cabinet options available on the market today. Many of the options are made from rapidly renewable resources and salvaged materials. Wheatboard cabinets, for example, are covered with wood veneers. Manufacturers offer these cabinets with ultra low VOC, water based adhesives and finishes. You find out more about this healthy and affordable option from Humabuilt Cabinets.

5.Countertops and backsplash are going Green too. Vertrazzo is an attractive solid terrazzo countertop made from recycled glass and cast concrete. Vertrazzo is as tough as granite, but not as porous as marble, making it a strong Green choice for the kitchen.

Healthy life come with the detail of all life.Let's make a green and healthy kitchen for us and our families.


Royal kitchen countertop

Compared to wood countertop, the marble countertop look royal and luxurious. Certainly, each kind of countertop has its advantage and disadvantage. The wood countertop looks warmly and cozy in a home.

Marble countertops come in a wide range of natural colors such as white, gold, pink, purple, green, blue, brown, grey and black. Therefore it is not difficult to choose one to match the color scheme of your kitchen. Being a natural stone, marble is durable. Although it is highly priced, it can serve you for a lifetime if properly maintained.

Gray marble varieties have carbon infused to the base calcium. This type of marble is usually found in coal deposits or areas close to them. Carbon from the coal deposits gives marble a gray stain. The depth of color depends on how far the marble deposit is from the coal deposit. Gray marble varieties have carbon infused to the base calcium. This type of marble is usually found in coal deposits or areas close to them. Carbon from the coal deposits gives marble a gray stain. The depth of color depends on how far the marble deposit is from the coal deposit. Green marble is often stained with serpentine, a rock compound composed of magnesium, silicate bases, and small traces of other minerals. This causes a pale olive-green tint, although very rare varieties have a more vibrant green like that found in leaves.

Why not to choose a wood kitchen countertop?

Wood kitchen countertop is not very popular in China, granite countertop is commonly found a Chinese's home.I think, because the granite is more easily to clean. At the same time, it is more waterproof than the wood countertop.But,wood countertops are growing in popularity because:

1.Wood offers a feeling of warmth and coziness to the atmosphere in the room.
2.Wood fits in with any decor and offers a nice counterpoint to the metal and stone surfaces present in the kitchen.
3.Like stone, it is a natural substance and since no two pieces are the same, every countertop is unique.

Do a little research to find a wooden kitchen countertop that is perfect for your needs and fits with the decor of your home.

Pine. One of the lightest in color for wood materials, pine is most often used in the construction of furniture as well as countertops. Pine has a color range of pale tan to off-white and is generally used with light colored or white cabinets in the kitchen.

Oak. This is a very popular types of wood for countertops today.

Mahogany. This wood is a deep brown color with a reddish hue and gleams in the light. The rich flavor of this wood is truly unique and stunning and is perfect for countertops that will take center stage.

Mahogany. This wood is a deep brown color with a reddish hue and gleams in the light. The rich flavor of this wood is truly unique and stunning and is perfect for countertops that will take center stage.


An interesting faucet in kitchen

Have you used a tradtional faucet in you kitchen? Do you want to have a try to change a novel and fashion style faucet for your kitchen? Karbon rrticulating kitchen faucet will be your good choice.It is designed and manufacturered by famous faucet manufacturer--Kohler.

This Karbon Articulating Kitchen Faucet is pretty and cool. It designed modern and likes a robot's arm. " Intelligently engineered to hold any pose for hands-free operation, Karbon allows you to streamline your work surfaces and workflow. The Karbon articulating kitchen faucet and joy stick allow you to position water flow exactly where you need it and then hold that position, giving you the freedom to use both hands. The Karbon's small foot print streamlines your work surfaces by fully extending the faucet to fill large pots or lower it into the sink for food preparation and cleanup offer up to an 18" clearance. An integral spray head provides both laminar flow and spray functions, and precise temperature and flow adjustment while maintaining a low profile that is visually stunning.

Take care of your kitchen knives

Knives are common tools used in our kitchen. They are very useful for cooking while cutting the meat or vegatable.But they are dangerous if you don't take care of these knifves, especially to the children. They may hurt themselves by the knifves. So you should take care of the knifves and ensure your families' safety.At the same time, knifves storage is another decor scenery in the kitchen. Some of storage appliance make the kitchen looks more different.

Knife blocks, magnetic knife bars and drawer/counter inserts all have one thing in common: they store your kitchen cutlery. Yet while this may not seem like a big deal, when you consider how sharp knives are, you realize that storing them away not only protects the sharpness to the blades, it also keeps them away from small children and pets.

Knifves block set - To counter the indiscriminate tossing, find a storage system that works for you. Knife block sets are great. Not only do they provide you the needed safety and storage, they also free up drawer space in the kitchen. For convenience, knives are ready and can be easily grabbed for whatever cutlery task is required. Knife blocks are also stylish, adding decoration to the counter or kitchen island. You can buy them in wood or stainless steel.

Another storage option for knives is a wall-mounted magnetic strip. This alternative has several advantages. The magnetic strips are sanitary and can hold a large number of knives and, as long as the magnet is strong enough to handle the weight, there’s no restrictions relative to the size and shape of the knives you can store there. However, this option is probably best for someone who has an area in their kitchen that is very low-traffic so as to avoid the strip being bumped accidentally.

In a words, take care of your kitchen knives that suitable for you and your family.


Have you seen a all-in-one outdoor kitchen?

There are so many kitchen appliances and kitchen tools in our kitchen. Can you imagine that all-in-one outdoor kitchen? It heard incrediable, but it is true.This out kitchen with gas burners, a grill, sink and some storage space (maybe even a wood-fire pizza oven). You can cook some delicious food out the door with your friends.

The stainless steel unit features two standard gas burners, 2 gas burners to reheat the lava rock grill, a single burner for the ollare stone, a sink with stretchable tap, storage drawers and a fair amount of counter space for such a compact unit.

Blue and white united in a kitchen

Blue and white is the perfect collocation. Just like the blue sky and white clould. Using the color collocation idea in your kitchen decor may give you big surprise.

For instance, you can use white granite countertop go with blue cabinets.Or buy a blue panel fridge, it must looked very nice.This color collacation make people feel like quiet and tidy. Cetainly, You can prepare some white furnitures. Such as white chairs or white bars. what's more, you can put some colourful fruit or fruit plate on the white countertop, it must give another feeling which is comfy and cozy.


Kitchen layout design idea

Not every kitchen has a same layout, what do you think about your plan for the kitchen layout? Which layout suitable for your kitchen?The efficiency of your kitchen can sometimes depend more on how it’s laid out, rather than the amount of space you have.

The single line kitchen
This is a smart and simple solution for narrow rooms, ideally with one wall over 10 feet long, without windows or doors. However, this layout causes the longest journey distances since you often have to walk from one end of the room to the other.

The L-shape kitchen
This is a very popular kitchen layout - ideal for a family kitchen, or for entertaining guests, since it can easily accommodate table and chairs in the same room. The sink, range and fridge should be separated by a preparation area.

The U-shape kitchen
The use of three full walls in a room offers the perfect working kitchen. The fridge, range and sink can be spaced out for maximum efficiency and convenience. This is great news for those who take your cooking seriously, as it provides the best workflows with the shortest distances around the kitchen.

The island kitchen
A very popular kitchen type, the island layout is perfect if you plan to entertain but requires more floor space. An independent island unit can face a dining or living area, allowing the cook to socialise while preparing. A sink here provides the optimal arrangement in terms of the kitchen’s working triangle.

Layout Mistakes
Don't wind the cabinetry around the room like a vine.
Don't choose too many focal points.
Don't install a sink in a breakfast bar.
Leave enough space between island and counter.


Breakfast bar in the kitchen

Everyone needs to have breakfast evevy day. It is the start of a day. You must hope it is a quiet space and enjoy the wonderful time yourself or with your families. Besides the delicious food, may be the environment of the breakfast is also an important factor for you.I think breakfast bar is a good idea for your choice.

The first reason that choose a breakfast bar is saving time. You should catch time by the forelock in order to go to work or go to school, with a bar, you needn't to carry the dishes and food to the dinning table in dinning room. You only need to put them on the bar in the kitchen after you cooked the breakfast. Is it convenient and time saving?

The second reason is the decoration of the kitchen. The breakfast bar not only for it's practical function,but for it's fashional decoration. A kitchen with a breakfast bar looks more beautiful and fashion.


A sliding door for kitchen

If your kitchen is separated from other rooms, it must need a door. There are several choices for you: A traditional wood door, or a modern glass door? In fact, the glass sliding door with the aluminum alloy frame is the perfect choice for a modern and fashion kitchen.

Why not to choose a glass sliding door for the kitchen? I think there are some advantages for this:

Fisrt, the glass sliding door can extend the field of vision, and make a small space looked wider. Commonly, the kitchen is not big enough, work in a narrow space is nasty feeling. With the clear glass door, you may feel more comfortable.

Second, the glass door can make the kitchen decoration as one of the home scenery. In the past, the kitchen decoration is hiden behinde the kitchen door. With the glass sliding door, you can see the beautiful kitchen through the closed door directly.


Pull out shelves make your kitchen clear

There are many kitchen wares and some small itmes in your kitchen. May be you are upset about oragnize these goods. If you put them on the countertop of the kitchen, it is looks very
scrambled and not tidy. The pull out shelves is the good chioce.Many homeowners find it difficult to organize the pantry and kitchen cabinets because these cabinets are dark deep areas and difficult to arrange by nature.

Pull out shelves have been around for decades. Pull out shelves are designed to be installed inside the cabinet and are covered when the cabinet door is closed. By designing your cabinets with pull out shelves you get the convenience of a drawer without the expense of removing the existing doors, modifying the cabinet frame, and adding drawer fronts.

A kitchen slide out shelf should have the bottom captured with a dadoe groove that adds strength to the entire shelf. Some manufacturers cut production costs by installing slides that are not rated for the application. Drawer slides have two ratings: static and dynamic: static is the weight capacity of the slide when the drawer or shelf is sitting inside the cabinet, dynamic is the slide weight capacity when the drawer or slide is pulled out.

Keep in mind that the hardware is very important for the shelves. So you must choose the high qulity hinge and handle for it.

Waste use in your kitchen

Most family have some many cookie bottles in their house. Some times, these bottles or boxes are very beautiful which look like an artful work. If the cookie is eaten up, how to deal with the package box? Drop it or save it. In fact, it is a good food container and a decoration for your kitchen. If you have a serials of cookie boxes, it must be very pageantry when you put them in your kitchen cabinet.

There is a secret tips for dress up these cookie boxes. It is using the wallpaper left.These beautiful wallpaper like a weared out the boxes. Measure the height and circumference of the cookie tin, adding 1/2" to the circumference for overlap.Transfer the measurements to the wallpaper and cut out your pieces with scissors or an X-Acto blade. Place the lid top-side down on your paper and trace around it. Cut out the circle with scissors.Measure the circumference of the lids and cut a piece of ribbon to length, adding 1" for overlap.Apply tacky glue to the ribbon and wrap it around the edge of the lid. Are they looks more beautiful?


Buying a kitchen clock for decorating your kitchen

Now, Clock is not just for telling time, but also for decorating. It is commonly seen a beautiful clock in a family kitchen. With a kitchen wall clock you can give the kitchen that final touch and create as bold a statement as you choose or your kitchen wall clock can blend right into the decor.

The Art Deco kitchen could be accompanied by several styles of kitchen wall clocks. These clocks include the Recipes Decorative Wall Clock which starts its life as an actual painting which is then transformed into a kitchen wall clock. In this style of kitchen wall clock you also have Whimsical Teapots, Cappuccino Decorative and The Vitis wall clock that features a Vitaceae vine design. These are more than kitchen wall clocks. These are works of art.

Some funky kitchen wall clocks can be extremely expensive and produced in limited numbers by some of the worlds leading designers; this adds a new dimension to your funky kitchen wall clock as it could even be used possibly as an investment as well as enhancing the aesthetic value of a wall.

A beautiful wall clock of blue white and yellow all combine to make a brilliantly decorative ray of sunshine on a kitchen wall and can have an even more funky effect when you take into consideration factors such as the where the light comes in from and where the clock will be viewed from in relation to where people will be focused.

So now you know that when it comes to kitchen wall clocks you have choices. So many choices that it is mind boggling. My suggestion, take your time to before you choose your time.

Using rug for kitchen decor

Do you using rug in your kitchen? we are usually see people using bathroom rug, while few people using rug in their kitchen.There are ways to improve the look and feel of your kitchen without emptying your savings account. A rustic, country theme is a great way for your kitchen to feel natural and inviting for anyone who enters.

Country kitchen rugs come in a variety of colors and shapes. Decorating with a country theme is not hard either. Simple old pottery pieces, even if they are broken, are a great match to this style. Also any old wooden kitchen tools make great accent pieces when randomly hung about the kitchen walls. Everything from nylon to wool and cotton to acrylic or any combination of fabrics is available. There are even woven rag rugs, which are best for kitchens. Watch which rug you purchase also, some rugs are easy to maintain and clean, while others can be a hassle.

There is another out of the ordinary thing you could do with your kitchen novelty rug and that is to take it to the wall! Yes, they make good wall hangings too! You can pick up a rug, which has hooks on the end, and hang them with these. The walls will perk up with such innovative use of kitchen novelty rugs. Novelty rugs are just as the name suggests – novel.

Apart from motifs, kitchen novelty rugs also come in interesting shapes. You could have a nice big strawberry or melon sitting in your kitchen sprucing it up. If you prefer more of a vintage theme, you could probably get a rug depicting a wine bottle complete with label and cork!


How to decorate the kitchen wall?

Kitchen as one of the important part of functional room should be pay attention to as bedroom or living room. We always put some pictures on the living room to decorate it,Or use some flowers put on the table in the dinning room. But how to decorate the kitchen room? It is not only for cooking, it is one of room for life. So let's manage to decorate kitchen room.

Besides what I mentioned before, I think the kitchen wall is the place we can never forget.Good kitchen wall decor works just like a spice-it adds depth, flavor and interest. We've got hundreds of eye-catching kitchen wall decoration ideas to choose from, including framed art, handcrafted plaques, message boards, pot racks and clocks. You have these chioces:

Canvas art and wall plaques: These decorations drenched in surreal earthy tones captures the sheer bucolic bliss of the vast, verdant countryside. Watch how your charming Italian kitchen décor is enveloped in warmth and coziness when these pictures make their way into your kitchen.

Wall murals: Striking images of lush rolling hills and luscious vineyards are depicted with bold strokes and vibrant hues. Their impact transcends barriers of time and space.

Wall lettering: If you want to give expression to your innermost feelings through words instead of pictures, then you have unrestrained freedom to do so in a dazzling and delightful array of styles, colors, finishes and sizes.

Wall clocks: Timeless in appeal, the elegance and charm of these timepieces cannot be dated with time.

Wall plates and ceramics: Images of flowers, fruits and animals definitely transport you to the wilderness, far away from the concrete jungle around you.

The arrangement was simple, easy and contributed to the kitchen decoration. What did you do to make your kitchen more comfortable and add a little excitement?

Curtain, a casual decoration for kitchen

People alway don't noticed the decoration for kitchen windows. It seems it is redundant to decorate the window. In fact, some finshing touch are always derived from the detail. Just like the window decoration. You may put a flower vase on the window, or deck the window with a beautiful curtain.

Kitchen curtains can vary rather greatly in style and also designs. On the design front, kitchen curtains can run the gamut involving materials of any color or pattern theme imaginable. Kitchen curtains of this type will often leave part of the window exposed. At the top there will be a valance and at the bottom a privacy curtain. Valance only involves the use of nothing more than a decorative valance at the top of the window rather than full kitchen curtains.

Color of curtains can impact appearance of kitchen. Light colors are not only pleasing but have an inherent impact in making the rooms appear larger. Do remember the effect of curtain colors particularly during a sunny day. Take into account the wall color and other modern kitchen fittings. You can either continue with the existing scheme or try a contrast color combination. Try a window test before selecting the most suitable kitchen curtain color.

If you want to let the sunlight enter your kitchen, but at the same time, block the glare, then go in for a white color or else a curtain in a very light shade. Blue curtains give a very soothing and cozy feel. The drawback of light shade curtains is that, the dust particles and the stains on them are clearly visible. If you are not very fond of sunlight and like to give your room a relaxed look that is just apt to enjoy your sleep, then you should go in for dark color curtains.

Now, Choose a beutiful kitchen curtain for your beloved kitchen!


Make an artful kitchen for you

Some one may like artful and unique style home design. They want to decorate their all rooms to de artful, including the kitchen.Don't consider that to be an hard thing. If you like to use your head and try your best, I think you can have your kitchen with artistic characteristics.

The wall colors that make counter tops glisten. The utensil holders that are more than a cluttered container. The butter dish, pepper grinders, cutting boards, and art tucked in otherwise boring spaces under cabinets. These details will turn any kitchen in to a haven of self expression and add the touches that make cooking duties much more pleasurable.

And now for the wall art. It is very common for kitchens to have awkward wall space - tall and skinny and seemingly useless. Consider brightly colored paintings in the same aspect ratio as the wall space such as this Tuscan Vineyard scene by RenieBritenbucher.

An wine bottle holder may add some artful element to your kitchen.Buying utensil pot clips also is a good choice to make the kitchen funny.Another area of the kitchen which is either cluttered or ignored completely and is an ideal spot to add character to the room is a window sill. Picture a detailed, even whimsical silhouette by Mountainbrook.

Do you have a wine bottle holder in your kitchen?

Some people have the habits of drinking wine. Drinking some red wine every day is good for your health. Where to put the wine bottle? Put it on the dinning table? Or put it in the kitchen cabinet? Certainly, it is all right as long as you like.But why not to make use of the wine bottle to decorate your kitchen and home?

We usually see a wine bottle put on the rack or holder in the film. It looks very romantic. We can also buy a wine bottle rack or holder to put the wine bottle on.Blomus of Germany creates such wonderful stainless steel designs that I always look forward to their products. Pictured here is a wine bottle stand that is small and simple. The "Cino" wine bottle holder is a great touch on a dining table, kitchen, or bar for the bottle that you are about to share for friends. I like it, because of its simplicity, and since stainless steel is a "timeless design" constructive material. Further, if the bottle of wine is very special, you can still display the label easily.


Kitchen utensil storage solution

I gave some ways and solutions to arrange your kitchen itmes, but the utensil we used are too many and promiscuous. How to arrange these utensil conveniently and efficiently? Certainly, you can make a rack on the wall, then put them in rack.Or you can put them in a draw directly.But sometimes, there is water on the utensil, you need to dry it in the air before put it in the drawer.

In fact, you can have a more simple and effective choice.You can buy a untensil storage caddy for putting your utensil in.Which is a good partner of untensil clips. They will make the utensil more cute and attractive. A caddy that is made of stainless steel which is designed to match your appliances. The SimpleHuman line is nice in that you can pick up any of the items and know that they will match. Each of their "stainless" series products feature a steel shell coupled with black trim. This caddy is a nice size and for me has larger openings.

A dinning table will puts the color to your kitchen

Dinning with your family is the coziest time in a day. We need work for all day, children need to go to school, we have no time to meet eacn other in the daytime. The dinning time may be the best time for family reunion. So choosing a comfortable and beautiful dinning table and chairs is very important.

The most important factor in choosing a dining table is the size of your dining room or other area for which you are shopping. When considering a dining room table, its shape is the most important since it affects the space in your unique dining room. Know the pros and cons of common shapes. Since the dining room table anchors the look of the space, its material affects the moods and style you’d like to bring to the room. Decide on what suits you best with these often seen materials. Buy a square table for intimate settings.You can choose from wood, veneer, acrylic and glass table tops; remember to consider durability, color and who will use the table most.

Outdoor kitchen

It is not easy to see a outdoor kitchen. Imagine it, you cook a meal in the yard out of the door, is it interesting? An outdoor kitchen can help you slow down and spend more time with family and friends by putting all the ingredients for outdoor dining close at hand.Close to the nature and enjoy the life of cooking, how wonderful it is!

Outdoor Kitchens are becoming more and more popular, the change is mainly due to the fact that a lot of people are trying to upgrade the familiar barbeque experience into something a little more elegant and comfortable - the Outdoor Kitchen.Outdoor kitchen can be used not only as the main attraction at your parties, an outdoor kitchen can be used on a daily basis, with the whole family enjoying a meal n the open air, you may find yourself disappointed of restaurants when you start eating "out" a few times a week.

This outdoor kitchen in the pictuer combines the easy maintenance of custom stainless steel cabinetry and countertops with stone and a stamped concrete patio. The stone accents the brick and stone of the home and works well with the textured concrete. The stainless steel countertop can withstand the weather and won’t discolor over time.

Which floor do you prefer to for the kitchen?

Floor, as an important part of kitchen, is more considered by the host. The first, we hope it looks more special and beautiful. On the other hand, we hope that it is durability and quality. I want to suggeste a kind of material that suitable for kitchen floor. Slate kitchen flooring may be your answer to durability, beauty, and style.In a kitchen, stone surfaces resist water, steam, odors and, above all, are easy to clean.

Kitchen slate flooring should be sealed to improve its stain resistance and non-slip surface. Black slate tiles for kitchen flooring can give you a bold look, while white slate tile flooring would tend towards a modern look. A kitchen slate floor is easy to care for, long lasting, and unusual -- maybe just the elements you are looking for in your kitchen.

The color variations in slate flooring allow you to change your decorating styles around without having to change the flooring. Slate flooring is a beautiful choice that comes in all different color variations from black slate tiles for kitchen flooring to white tiles, and every color in between.

Matching your kitchen floors and countertops will help give the entire kitchen a sophisticated and put together feel. The flow of your kitchen will be greatly increased and you will love the look of your kitchen.


Buy a bonsai tree for your kitchen

Kitchen is one of room and work place for a home, we can use some itmes to decorate our kitchen to make us pleasure and comfortable. For example, you can put a bonsai on the window of the kitchen, the green leaves and elegant shape may be give a surprise to you.

It is best to buy a mini bonsai for the kitchen.This smaller size, which can be anywhere from 2 to 10 inches, makes the ideal gift or accessory for the home or office. With this, you have a choice of placing one or more bonsai on your desk at work, on a nightstand, coffee table, kitchen counter, and other places where space is limited.

Each spring, the winter buds will start to swell and new leaves grow. Soon, the entire tree will be covered with leaves, which till turn to a deep green sometime late in spring or early summer. Then in the fall, the leaves generally turn from a yellow to red or orange. Next, as the winter approaches, the leaves will drop off, again leaving just twigs on the tree. If the mini bonsai tree has leaves from the spring to the fall, then more sunlight is needed.

A splash color of kitchen

Tangerine, cherry, blueberry, lime and lemon -- deliciously tasty fruits, to be sure, but they're also the hot new hues in kitchenware.Color is also finding a home in durable plastics and steel kitchen gear.

Use Vinyl tablecloths to line your kitchen shelves. Available in a wide range of colors and designs, this is probably the easiest way to dress up your kitchen easily. I recommend using pinking scissors if possible to avoid fraying edges later. Place the cloth on the shelf and replace the items.
Painting is another fast and easy way of changing your kitchen area.Add a splash of color by painting your kitchen cabinet doors. Pick colors that are complimentary to the tile and tone of your decor.

If you don’t have the time, but want the results, add a window flower vase to your kitchen. These small vases usually hold only one stem, and attach to windows, mirrors and refrigerator doors with a suction cup. Add glass shelves in strategic places. Be creative. These shelves come in narrow widths and various lengths so you can create a non-linear space for display.

Do you like a wall pot rack in your kitchen?

We usually find a wall pot rack in someone's kitchen, it is a good ways to save the space,especially to the small kitchen. You can put some kitchenware and container on the rack. At the same time, the kitchen wall rack has become a decoration for the kitchen decor.Some people install the wall rack not only for saving space, but also for decoation.

Look at the photos on the right. it is a wall rack which is made of steel.It's color is black. On the rack, there are 2 panels and a basket.The 4.5" lipped shelf is ideal for displaying spices and the 9" shelf provides a resting place for your favorite cookbooks. You can put some colorful fruit in the basket to decorate the kitchen.


A kitchen bar stool that match with your kitchen

In the past, I have written about kitchen bar that can improve the taste of your kitchen. But how to choose a suitable bar stool is an important thing for you. The bar stool has many kinds of material and styles, which one is the best one for you?Luckily, there are some basic rules to picking a kitchen counter bar stool that fits right with your counter.

Look for a material that is easy to clean. They are going to get a lot of wear and tear, and since they are in the kitchen, drink and food will most likely be spilled on them occasionally.

Style and Comfort - Wood or metal? Arms or no arms? Swivel or stationary? Back rest or no back? Stools come in many designs and you need to balance matching your decor with comfort. I would say that comfort is key here - don't buy the really snazzy cool one that is uncomfortable unless you don't really plan on sitting in it! Try to match style to your design - a contemporary kitchen will look great with a sleek modern Italian design but a country kitchen would do better with your standard ladderback.

Match the color and materials of your kitchen counter bar stool to the decor of your kitchen. You can usually get a selection of seat coverings for upholstered stools so you can select one that matches your kitchen colors.


Beautiful backsplashes of kitchen

In modren times, backsplashes of kitchen is most used for decoration. So the gsxo of the backsplashes is an important items.One high-impact, do-it-yourself project is to install glass tiles to your backsplash. Look at the photos on the right: Is it beautiful and fashion?
Different materials and pattern of backsplashed give you different feelings. So first of all, you need to decide on the theme of your kitchen: country, traditional, contemporary or transitional (a blending of two styles).The other thing follows is the budget.
Tips for backsplashes:
1.Use more than one material to define specific work areas.
2. to continue the counter material up the wall and use it as the backsplash material.
3.Look at a large variety of materials before deciding -- choices include laminates, glass, ceramics, metal and solid surface materials (either natural or man-made).
4.Don't be afraid to include tiles collected from your travels in your backsplash -- they add interest and re-create fond memories.
5.If you are going to add a mosaic mat, then be sure and mark it out while performing layout.