Create a Family Message Center

Build a custom-framed chalkboard to hang in your kitchen, creating a central location for everyone to leave messages, write to-dos and keep up with each others' schedules.

Cut and Lay Out Pieces
Cut primed MDF baseboard and hardboard to size. Lay out cut pieces of MDF around hardboard on flat working surface. Tip: Have materials cut at a home improvement store and consider purchasing trim that matches your home's door casings for a consistent look.

Glue Together
Apply extra strength wood glue to both sides of adjacent cut edges. Press together firmly. Repeat for all sides.

Let Frame Dry
Let glue dry for 24 hours. Tip: Place stacked magazines along outer edges of frame to help pieces dry in position.

Attach Backing
Turn message board over. Attach sheet of hardboard to back side with glue to stabilize frame

Tape Corners
Temporarily tape corners to secure backing while turning. Turn message board over.

Apply Caulk
Run a bead of caulk around inner edges of message board and fill in any gaps between joints. Let dry two hours.

Protect Hardboard Surface
Apply painters' tape along edges where hardboard meets frame. Cover hardboard with masking paper. Tape in place.

Paint and Seal Frame
Spray paint frame. Let dry one hour. Spray protective finish on painted frame. Let dry one hour. Remove protective tape and paper.

Tape Edges and Paint Chalkboard
Apply painters' tape around inner frame edges. Paint hardboard with chalkboard paint.

Attach Hardware and Hang
Screw two ring hangers into back of chalkboard with picture wire strung between rings. Nail picture hooks into wall and hang.

Prime Chalkboard Surface
Treat chalkboard by covering entire surface using large chalk stick on its side. Rub into chalkboard and wipe away with rag. Tip: This allows future chalk marks to be fully erasable.