The Unique Kitchen Tile Designs

The ability to create a unique look in your home is one which involves needs for design. Contrasting colors, textures and statements in each room make a difference with the overall atmosphere of your home. One of the areas of the home which offers innovation for decorators everywhere is in the kitchen. This room offers several capabilities of designs and looks, all which are able to provide a new type of fashion statement. The kitchen tile designs which are included in this provide the main look of the room which can be mixed and matched for a comfortable and luxurious style.

The kitchen tile designs are unique to any other room because of the ability to combine several patterns and designs in the same room. The kitchen uses tiles specifically because of the water and heat that is used in the room. Walls, carpet and other materials can easily become damaged with the kitchen. However, the tiles used can provide a different look while offering protection so the room doesn't become damaged.

When you are planning kitchen tile designs, you will want to include the counter and floors. Many also include a backsplash, which uses tiles through one part of the wall while allowing the rest to remain decorated with wall paintings or wall paper. These combined looks offer easier maintenance and a unique look to the room. The counter, floors and backsplash all have contrasting patterns, designs and colors; however, you will want to create a design that is able to show a room that is comfortable, open and inviting in your home.

When looking at kitchen tile designs, you will want to make sure that there isn't too much contrast with the patterns and looks. The patterns shouldn't move in opposing directions to each other, as this will create a conflict with the way the room looks. You will want to coordinate the colors as well. Even though each can have unique colors and patterns, these will need to compliment each other in the overall look of the room. You can then include modern, traditional or artistic looks to finish the overall style of your kitchen.

If you want to add style and the perfect look into your kitchen, then considering the way that the tiles are designed can help you to create the right fashion. The Kitchen Tile Designs that are available can assist you with the practicality needed for the kitchen while ensuring that you have a style that fits with the personality of this room.

Kitchen wall paper border ideas

When decorating the kitchen, wallpaper borders are an essential element in setting the atmosphere of the room. The pattern of wallpaper that you use to complete your room will depend on your personal style. Whether your style is cozy, fun, formal, or luxurious, if you are creative about the way you use and install these wallpapers, your room will be a one of a kind creation.

The first thing you can do to make your wallpaper border unique is to combine your wallpaper borders. You can hang two or three coordinating wallpaper borders together. You might even consider using borders that contrast with each other. For example, you can start with realistic wallpaper that depicts items on a shelf or hanging pots and pans. Directly below that you can put a thin wood trim that would cause one to think there is actually a shelf there, and then below that, you can put up sculpted ivy wallpaper that butts against the faux shelf.

There is no rule that says you have to hang your wallpaper around the top of the room against the ceiling. It is your kitchen. You make the rules! You can use one or more patterns of wallpaper border to create a frame on a large wall which you can hang a collage, a large framed picture, or a grouping of pictures. You can also hang wallpaper at different heights. You may have seen wallpaper used at chair rail height around the room, with or without molding, but you can also use it around the baseboard of the room. The wallpaper does not have to be “kitchen” wallpaper either. You can install a picket fence design, or underwater scene that you would typically see in a child’s bedroom. These children’s room borders may be as wide as three or four feet. Doing such unexpected things with wallpaper border will help to make your room stand out from the crowd.

Do you hate wallpaper borders that repeat the same picture all the way around the room? Have your border tell a story. Use a combination of wallpaper cutouts and hand painted words to create a unique border that welcomes your friends and tells them to make themselves comfortable. Another option is to not have the wallpaper go all around the room. Cut the wallpaper border apart and use it in sections and groupings to decorate over windows and doorways and appliances. You can choose to use the border on an accent wall only. You can also put borders that feature seed packets or fruit in picture frames and hang them on the wall. When you are choosing your wallpaper rolls, remember to think creatively about the different ways you can use them.

Do not forget, room borders do not need to be wallpaper. You can choose to create a stenciled design, or to decoupage pictures onto your wall where you would typically put wallpaper. You can paint directly on the wall, or you can paint on strips of canvas and have that installed with heavy-duty wallpaper paste, which you can take down and save at any time. In addition, stamps and rub on designs may also be used to accent your room. Using any of these ideas alone or together will be sure to make your kitchen design truly unique.

Cheap and Easy Decorating Tips for the Kitchen

Small changes can have a big effect on how your kitchen looks. Below are 11 decorating ideas that you can do yourself in a day or less. Not only are these simple changes easy to do, but they are inexpensive too!

1. Afraid of changing your drab white kitchen walls? Instead of choosing rich, deep colors for your first project, you will likely feel more comfortable with a neutral like beige or gray. These colors won’t date the room and will prevent you from possibly getting quickly tired of a more drastic color palette.

2. Brighten up the kitchen. Use mirrors to capture the sunlight and bounce it around. Try putting a mirror across from a window or on a wall that corners against the window wall for the most light distribution.

3. Make seasonal changes. Moving the kitchen furniture into a ’summer arrangement’ can optimize your space and give it a more airy feel. Make it light and breezy - think about removing some of the furniture and decorations for a lighter feel. Open those curtains and let the sun shine in!

4. Use slipcovers. Slipcovers over your chairs can soften the room and add to your decor. For the holidays, try using special covers in holiday patters or colors. For a nice summer change, use white cotton or canvas slipcovers on the chairs.

5. Get ideas from the pros. Look in magazines, books, television or the internet to get a flavor of the accessories and designs you would like to see in your kitchen. If you see a kitchen decorated in a way that you like, think about how you can duplicate the same decor in your home.

6. Decorate with cookbooks. You can make a nice display with your cookbooks. Try grouping them in interesting configurations with some lying down and some standing. Don’t put small books next to tall books but align them in graduating sizes.

7. Warm it up with rugs. Area rugs can add a splash of color or cover up an old or unmatched floor. When buying rugs, measure your space so you can be sure to get the right rug size. Rugs used under a table should be large enough to also accommodate the chairs when fully pulled out.

8. Bring the outdoors inside. Don’t be afraid to hang plants from any bare ceiling corner to give a lived in feeling to a plain kitchen. Plants provide interest and soften up the room. For above the cabinets or hard to reach places, silk plants work just as well as real ones, however, if you do buy silk, go with a good quality arrangement that looks realistic.

9. Change your look with accessories. A few strategically placed accessories can change your kitchen from dull to dramatic! Choose a theme and you could give your kitchen a whole new look just by replacing some key accessories like toaster covers, dish towels, canister sets, salt and pepper shakers and pot holders.

10. Change your cabinet pulls. There are so many different styles of cabinet pulls these days - figural, wooden, ceramic, glass - you should be able to find a design that matches your new decor easily. They are easy to install yourself and your friends will think you got new cabinets!

11. Add a border. Wallpaper borders are easy to put up and can add color and interest. You can use them at the top of the wall or go with a less traditional use underneath the cabinets. Use them at chair rail height to break up long walls. An even less expensive (but more labor intensive) alternative is to use stencils and paint.


Turn Your Kitchen into a Cozy Gathering Place

A kitchen is the heart of a home, for there the family gathers. And kitchen decor can turn your kitchen into a fun place to cook, hang out, and gather cherished memories. Here are a few kitchen decor ideas to add quaint beauty to your kitchen and inspire your creative side.

Rooster kitchen decor
Rooster kitchen decor is filled with happy hues and a playful spirit. From French country kitchens to rural or pastoral kitchens, rooster kitchen decor is a beautiful addition. And not only in curtains and tablecloths. The endless variety of rooster kitchen decor on the market allows you to weave these whimsical elements into your existing kitchen decor without clashing with it. From rooster clocks to cutting boards and weathervanes, there's something for everyone in rooster kitchen decor.

Sunflower Kitchen Decor
If you love decorating with light, sunflower Kitchen decor will brighten your kitchen even more. With motifs of summer and birds, bright greens and yellows, sunshine and warmth, sunflower kitchen decor creates a never-ending summer. Turn your kitchen into a warm gathering space, where you'll spend happy afternoons with your family and close friends. A sunflower kitchen is a fun place to cook in and share memories.

Worldwide Kitchen Decor
Kitchen decor styles are as wide as human experience. Like a map of the world, there's a kitchen decor style for every country, every culture. For in the kitchen the family gathers, and so it is there that the heart of a home lies. So which kitchen decor is your favorite? Take a short jaunt around the world to find out.

Kitchen decor upgrades can be fun and affordable if you're willing to do a little of the work yourself. Giving your kitchen a face lift by painting old appliances with stainless steel custom paint is easy, and your AdChoices old appliances will look modern. Adding a mantle shelf over a window is another easy kitchen upgrade, as is changing old light fixtures to imitation Tiffany stained-glass lights. Finally, painting old cabinets is an easy kitchen decor upgrade that can be done in one afternoon. For a complete kitchen decor face lift at a fraction of the cost of buying a new kitchen, consider these easy kitchen decor upgrades.


Decorating With Metal Kitchen Wall Tiles

Metal kitchen wall tiles can look great in a retro, industrial or modern style kitchen You can buy metal tiles or pressed metal in shiny or brushed finishes and even get them with a design pressed right into the metal. Metal makes a great easy to clean surface for a back splash behind the stove or under the cabinets.

And don't think that metal kitchen wall tiles have to be cold and sterile looking - you can get them in copper and gold tones that will really warm up your room. Your retro look kitchen can really shine with these tiles on your back splash - if you are doing a 1930's or 40's restoration consider the metal sheets with a pressed pattern in them. To get a modern industrial look in your kitchen pair some brushed aluminum tiles with a stainless steel counter and metal faced appliances.

Installing metal kitchen wall tiles is similar to ceramic or glass tiles. You must cut the tiles with a wet saw for those little pieces that you need to fit in an area where a tile does not fit evenly. Lay the tile out from the center to get a more even look to the design. Follow the instructions from the manufacturer which may include affixing the tiles with adhesive, applying calk and wiping down.

Cleaning metal kitchen wall tiles is a breeze. This material resists grease, stains and wear so they will always look good. Of course your tiles will probably get a bit grubby from all the food that splatters up from the stove and counter prep. Simply wipe off with a sponge and warm soapy water or use cleaner as per manufacturers instructions.

Metal kitchen wall tiles come in hand self stick too - just stick them up over anything that you want to cover up. You can get metal wall tiles with cool modern images impressed in them like coffee cups, swirls, dragonflys and hearts as well as classic images of women, shells and other doo-dahs.

All About Green Apple Kitchen Decor

In modern houses, the kitchen is the center of the home. Instead of closing the kitchen off in the back of a house, new houses have the kitchen at the center. There are very few dividing walls and the kitchen is open to the rest of the house. Because of this, people are putting more and more consideration into how they decide to decorate their kitchen.

Instead of being a small aspect of the home, kitchens practically make or break a home buying deal these days and homeowners are well aware of this. If you are trying to think of a great idea for your kitchen decor that is fun and interesting, try using green apple kitchen decor for your kitchen.

Implementing the Theme

It can be very easy to come up with a theme for many people, but the implementation of the theme is not quite as easy. If you want to use green apple kitchen decor, you are in luck. Right now the apple theme in kitchens is quite popular and it can be very easy to find countless ideas and green apple kitchen decor items in almost any department store.

However, a red apple kitchen decor is probably more popular than the green apple kitchen decor right now so you might have to do a little bit of digging to find things that fit precisely with your ideas. One great way to implement any theme for any room in the house is to make sure that the themed items are not overwhelming. If you use green apple wall paper and green apple curtains and even green apple plates and dishes, you are going to go way overboard with your green apple kitchen decor.

Instead, find simpler and smaller items that fall into the green apple kitchen decor category. Look for a shelving unit, for example, that has green apple detailing. Or, you could even get a plain wooden or metal shelf and stencil on some green apple detailing. There are countless stencils available that make it very easy to stencil even if you've never done it before.

Find it for Cheap

If you want to make your kitchen shine on a budget, you can still use the green apple kitchen decor idea. There are plenty of ways to get cheap apple kitchen decor. First, you can look in an antique shop. Apple kitchen decor has been around for many years, and there are tons of items to be found in antique stores. So if you want to do your green apple kitchen decor but need to save money, look in antique shops!


Create a Family Message Center

Build a custom-framed chalkboard to hang in your kitchen, creating a central location for everyone to leave messages, write to-dos and keep up with each others' schedules.

Cut and Lay Out Pieces
Cut primed MDF baseboard and hardboard to size. Lay out cut pieces of MDF around hardboard on flat working surface. Tip: Have materials cut at a home improvement store and consider purchasing trim that matches your home's door casings for a consistent look.

Glue Together
Apply extra strength wood glue to both sides of adjacent cut edges. Press together firmly. Repeat for all sides.

Let Frame Dry
Let glue dry for 24 hours. Tip: Place stacked magazines along outer edges of frame to help pieces dry in position.

Attach Backing
Turn message board over. Attach sheet of hardboard to back side with glue to stabilize frame

Tape Corners
Temporarily tape corners to secure backing while turning. Turn message board over.

Apply Caulk
Run a bead of caulk around inner edges of message board and fill in any gaps between joints. Let dry two hours.

Protect Hardboard Surface
Apply painters' tape along edges where hardboard meets frame. Cover hardboard with masking paper. Tape in place.

Paint and Seal Frame
Spray paint frame. Let dry one hour. Spray protective finish on painted frame. Let dry one hour. Remove protective tape and paper.

Tape Edges and Paint Chalkboard
Apply painters' tape around inner frame edges. Paint hardboard with chalkboard paint.

Attach Hardware and Hang
Screw two ring hangers into back of chalkboard with picture wire strung between rings. Nail picture hooks into wall and hang.

Prime Chalkboard Surface
Treat chalkboard by covering entire surface using large chalk stick on its side. Rub into chalkboard and wipe away with rag. Tip: This allows future chalk marks to be fully erasable.


Decorating with Food

Spice Jars: Not the kind that come in matching sets either. Not only do they very rarely hold all of the spices that you actually use, it is a pain to transfer the small granules from one container to another. Your best bet would be to put up a standard shelf to set all of the spices that you buy from the store. Leave them in their original jars and it will add a great touch of color. Not to mention, be within easy reach if when your baking or experimenting with new recipes.

Cookbooks: Put any cookbooks that you may have on display. You can choose an area on a counter top or build a special shelf just for the purpose. If you do not have a lot at first, do not worry. They can be bought at thrift stores and discount stores for cheap. Choose them because you want to try to cook authentic Italian and Mexican dinners; or simply because you like the look of the cover. Just make sure to keep them all in one place to show off your varied collection.

Artwork: You can go with the traditional still life painting and prints but another option would be to search for old advertisements to frame. There are some funny ones out there and you can find them in old magazines at flea markets; as well as buy them individually from antique shops and online auction places.

Now that you have gotten and idea on how to decorate with a cooking (chef) theme in your kitchen, you are sure to find other ways to incorporate your passion. Decorating with food doesn't always have to mean using actual food in the scheme. But why not throw in that old fashioned fruit bowl anyway? You may be surprised to see what a wonderful centerpiece that it makes to finish off the look.


Apartment Kitchen Decorating Tips

Decorating an apartment kitchen can be tough. But you can make your apartment kitchen your own — no matter how small the space. Here are some of our top apartment kitchen decorating tips.

The key to decorating any room likely starts with decluttering the area. Too much stuff will take away from any space, particularly in an apartment kitchen that likely has very little in the way of countertops. If you can, clear the counters of anything you don’t use on a daily basis. That can mean stashing the blender, canisters and anything else not used every day in a closet or behind closed doors.
This is especially important if the kitchen is small. A kitchen looks even smaller when it’s crammed with stuff. However, if you have a large kitchen with lots of countertops, feel free to put some of those items back on display — but only if they’re eye-catching and, more importantly, clean. A dirty toaster oven sitting next to the fridge is always an eyesore.

Hang it up
One way to add some visual elements to your apartment kitchen is to hang up colorful and vibrant items you frequently use anyway — such as funky oven mitts or cooking utensils. If they’re an eye-catching color, even better. They’ll add color and style to a likely dismal-looking space.

Many retailers sell hooks you can easily attach with screws to the wall, or even magnetized ones that will attach to surfaces like your fridge. Find creative ways to hang up items to add some visual interest to your kitchen decorations. Got some interesting coffee mugs? Don’t hide them behind cabinet doors — buy a cool-looking mug tree and display them on the counter. Or install accordion mug hooks on a bare space of wall for both kitchen decoration and functionality.

Don’t forget artwork. The kitchen may seem like a strange place to add art, but if you’ve got the wall space, use it. If you’ve got a color scheme or theme going in the kitchen, hang art that complements what you’re already doing.

Add color
Before you paint, ask your apartment community manager if you’re allowed. If you are, then consider the space you’ll be painting before buying the paint. A general rule of thumb is that dark colors make small rooms look smaller and darker, whereas lighter colors can brighten a room and make them appear bigger. Take the cabinets into consideration as well — you’ll want the colors to coordinate.
You don’t have to go to the trouble of painting to add color, however. You can leave the walls alone and instead add some flair by displaying vibrant pieces in other places instead: put brightly colored canisters on the counter, skip the traditional white appliances and buy one in a funky color instead, put a cool border on the walls and throw a vibrant throw rug in front of your sink. Hang pretty plates on the wall to draw interest to a bare spot. Just make sure all the elements complement each other.

Don’t be afraid to use the space under your cabinets for storage and kitchen decoration — hang up stemware for easy reach and style, for instance.

Spice up surfaces
If you’re lucky, you have some interesting colored appliances in your kitchen to spice up the space. More than likely, however, your appliances are white, and your cabinets are the same color or a generic brown. You may not have permission or the desire to change them, but you can make them stand out a bit more.
Add some flair to your refrigerator with funky magnets. Place colorful baskets on top for color and handy storage. Place a strip of colorful contact paper you like across the top for some visual focus and a handy place to write notes with a dry erase marker, which is erasable from contact paper.

Contact paper isn’t the only removable and versatile element you can add to your fridge and cabinets. Many retailers sell decals that stick to cabinets that won’t permanently damage the surface. It’s a good way to dress them up


8 Kitchen Fix-ups

Remodeling the kitchen will certainly add to the value of a home, however, it can be very expensive. Any of the following projects will give your kitchen a pick-me-up without breaking the bank!

1. Refinish your cabinets.
In many cases, the finish on your cabinets will soften around the handles -- this is the result of body oil breaking down the finish. Most finish can be stripped off fairly easily, and on one of our recent shows on our PBS series HandyMa'am, we showed how to do this. We used one of the newer citrus-based strippers and layered it on. After the finish was removed, we applied a poly and stain combination that gave a totally new, fresh look.

2. Freshen up your walls.
A fresh coat of paint does wonders. Try your hand at one of the faux techniques that are so popular, including sponge painting, the ragged effect or the fresco effect. There are roller covers now available that will help make the task go faster and even striping rollers, which give the illusion of striped wallpaper at a fraction of the cost. You might also consider a new wall covering or even a simple border

3. Replace the countertops.
Cabinets in good shape? How about the countertops? Countertops take a lot of abuse and can look worn and drab. Replacing the countertop is certainly more expensive, but often worth the effort. New countertops will really make it feel like a new kitchen.

4.Decorate your windows with color.
Does your window treatment need updating or a little color? Here's a quick remedy: Hang a curtain rod and simply fold fabric placemats or napkins over it. If they are square, hang them on the diagonal. For rectangular fabric, fold lengthwise. Another option is to fold all of the rectangular fabric the same length, or fold in half on each end, allowing it to drape in the middle.

5. Change the cabinet fronts.
There are several ways cabinet fronts can be embellished or totally changed. If the doors are flat, add molding to give the illusion of a paneled door. This can be done very inexpensively using screen molding. Draw a line around the door (1 1/2 to 2 inches in from all sides is pretty standard).

6. New flooring.
There are so many types, styles, patterns and colors of flooring to choose from it will make your head spin. A couple of points to keep in mind when looking for flooring: Ceramic tile is thick and will make your cabinets lower (about 3/4 inches or more) than you are used to. For me that was a good thing -- I'm 5'1" and standard cabinets are a bit too tall for me. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles have come a long way over the years and are very easy to install, not to mention they are much less expensive than some of your other choices.

Kitchen Window Traeatment

How do you decorate your kitchen window?Some people think it is no need to decor the kitchen window. In fact, kithcen window treatment is nothing but decorating a window with curtains, blinds, drapes or valances. These window treatments should be both decorative and functional.

Among all the window treatments, cafe curtains are popularly used for kitchens. These curtains suit well for kitchens designed in the bistro style. They allow privacy in your kitchen along with plenty of light. These curtains come in lots of patterns and colors and you can choose the one that complements other elements of your kitchen. Avoid using these curtains if the kitchen window is above the sink or the countertop.

If you want to have a window treatment that has an uncluttered look, then Roman shades are the best option for you. These are simple kitchen window treatment designs, that go well with any type of kitchen decor. They can be hung flat or hung half way to display the folded pattern. One more window treatment that gives an uncluttered look is pleated shades. You can close and open them with help of a cord and control the amount of light entering into the kitchen. Moreover, they are also good insulators and help to keep the kitchen cool.

Natural light in the kitchen is essential. "Pleated shades offer a privacy treatment and still allow plenty of light," says Pelley.

Just one example of an attractive pleated shade is the Smith + Noble version, available in tones ranging from White to Sky Blue, in subtle stripes and a tropical-looking pattern. It even comes in versions suitable for skylights or arched windows.

Too much direct sunlight is also an issue in kitchens, says Pelley, since it makes it hot and unpleasant to work in. Simple wood blinds or woven wood shades, like the Provenance sold by Hunter Douglas, will filter the light without looking too heavy.


How to Create a Fabulous & Functional Kitchen?

Your kitchen operates just fine as a place for cooking and serving meals. But is it lacking some touches that could convert it from a room where you take care of daily chores to one where you enjoy spending time?

With many of our kitchens serving as the home’s primary gathering spot for family and friends, we’ve come to view it as a second living room. With this in mind, many of our kitchens can use a little extra attention to make them more inviting. I have some useful idea for sharing with you all.

Pare down and regroup. Instead of replacing the cabinetry, Erinn reorganized and edited. Out went an awkward cabinet looming over a short peninsula countertop—a strategy that now affords a clear view from sink to sunny breakfast area. Two additional cabinets flanking the range were also banished, making way for more counter space and a streamlined vent hood.

Focus on details. Erinn upgraded the cabinets further with sleek chrome hardware. Sophisticated pendants crafted from antique mirrored pieces illuminate sink and table. And cheery flowers are always present. Erinn reserves the prominent display area for keepsakes. The dainty teapots and figurines look as beautiful in her stylish kitchen as they surely did in her grandmother’s.

Change the window treatments. If you only have blinds on your kitchen windows, perhaps it’s time to think about adding fabric coverings. If you currently have café curtains, consider simplifying the picture with a valance.

Use light effectively. Two areas that need distinct overhead lighting are the range and the sink. Ambient lighting, easily achieved by installing a dimmer on your primary light fixture, presents a lovely glow all around. Candles provide soft lighting here or there but they require two cautions. First, make sure that you place them where they won’t get in your way as you cook and where curious little hands can’t grab them. Secondly, pick fragrances carefully so that they don’t seem out of place in the kitchen. Best choices are those that smell of fruits, spices, or bakery products.

In the end, make it personal and practical!


Turn Your Kitchen into a Cozy Gathering Place

A kitchen is the heart of a home, for there the family gathers. And kitchen decor can turn your kitchen into a fun place to cook, hang out, and gather cherished memories. Here are a few kitchen decor ideas to add quaint beauty to your kitchen and inspire your creative side.

Rooster Kitchen Decor
Rooster kitchen decor is filled with happy hues and a playful spirit. From French country kitchens to rural or pastoral kitchens, rooster kitchen decor is a beautiful addition. And not only in curtains and tablecloths. The endless variety of rooster kitchen decor on the market allows you to weave these whimsical elements into your existing kitchen decor without clashing with it. From rooster clocks to cutting boards and weathervanes, there's something for everyone in rooster kitchen decor.

Apple Kitchen Decor
Apple kitchen decor will imbue your kitchen with quaint country charm. Like an orchard on a sunny day, a kitchen decorated with apple decor will become a warm gathering place. And this delicious atmosphere is so easy to instill with a few kitchen decor ideas. And not just with curtains and bowls of gleaming apples, but with apple wall decor, beaded curtains you can craft yourself, apple kitchen cabinet decor, and apple dishes. Any style of kitchen can become a little cozier with apple kitchen decor.

Sunflower Kitchen Decor

If you love decorating with light, sunflower Kitchen decor will brighten your kitchen even more. With motifs of summer and birds, bright greens and yellows, sunshine and warmth, sunflower kitchen decor creates a never-ending summer. Turn your kitchen into a warm gathering space, where you'll spend happy afternoons with your family and close friends. A sunflower kitchen is a fun place to cook in and share memories.

Worldwide Kitchen Decor
Kitchen decor styles are as wide as human experience. Like a map of the world, there's a kitchen decor style for every country, every culture. For in the kitchen the family gathers, and so it is there that the heart of a home lies. So which kitchen decor is your favorite? Take a short jaunt around the world to find out.


Country Style Kitchen Lighting

If you've decided to design your kitchen in country style, rustic lighting can add to its Decor and provide a warm glow to it.

With the growing popularity, rustic kitchen lighting fixtures are available in numerous designs and styles in the markets. You can also check out the specific rustic lighting fixtures which are ornamented beautifully to give a different look. To enhance the rustic lighting, furnish your kitchen with rustic accessories like rugs, mugs, etc.

Rustic lighting often has different styles of Decor like western, Adirondack, southwest, and log cabin. It gives the appearance of coarse, unfinished, and unfussy, but with elegance. Wagon wheels are also popular in rustic lighting products. Moreover, rustic lights also represent designs like cowboys and Indians, tee-pees, and bows and arrows in a suitable arrangement to give an impression of the cowboy region. Rustic lighting which can be used outdoors may include oil lamps and candles with holders.

Besides the above-mentioned, some other well-liked rustic lighting themes are bear theme, wagon wheel theme, and antlers. A bear theme can comprise of bears and bear cubs walking in a forest or climbing trees. Lamps on which these scenes are shown can have lampshades, which are frequently made to look like leather. Lighting chandeliers can be prepared from authentic wagon wheels which are fairly expensive. Antler lighting can also be created with authentic antlers. Moreover, it would be just perfect to use different lighting accessories to craft a beautiful rustic atmosphere in the kitchen.

2010 Kitchen Decoration Trends

Green Kitchen
This not means the green color, I mean Eco-friendly.There are more ways that you can go green in the kitchen too, from energy-efficient dishwashers (that use less water than when you wash by hand), to environmentally sound flooring options made of reclaimed wood and tiles. Ann Sacks even makes a rugged tile from rescued river rocks.

Free Style
Because we're spending more and more time in our kitchens, there is a move away from the all-or-nothing "fitted" look of continuous counters. Look for more freestanding pieces of furniture or features with furniturelike qualities, such as a cabriole leg holding up a kitchen counter.

High Tech
Advances in technology continue to offer us out-of-this-world options, including an oven that can be programmed to keep your food cold until it's cooking time. You can even change the cooking directions from your office computer. Don't have enough freezer space? High tech can help you turn a fridge drawer into a freezer in no time. It can also raise the toilet seat when it sees you coming and clean the shower when you're not around.

Glass Acts
Glass is everywhere in today's kitchens, from recycled and Depression-era glass tiles to opaque glass on cooktops, refrigerators and cabinet doors. Glass mosaic tiles and Venetian glass light fixtures add light and drama.

Forget straight lines and right angles, organic shapes are in. Not only are rounded shapes visually pleasing, they also encourage a more natural circular traffic flow. Imagine never bumping into a sharp corner again.


Some Effective Tips for Making A Cozy Kitchen

Kitchen as a part of our home, is not only the cooking space or the dinning space. It is a very impersonal space for you to work in? Kitchens should be warm and cozy and should be somewhere we can spend a long time in the morning sipping our coffee and having a nice conversation with our family.

Here are some effective and practical ways to make a cozy kitchen.

1.Curtains are used in kitchen to block any unnecessary glare. It also provides some privacy from your next door neighbor. A window curtain will meet all these needs. The curtains will help you to keep the glare out and your private matters private. The curtains are not very costly and will help in decorating your kitchen.Country curtains will provide a warm and comfortable feeling to your kitchen. These curtains are mood enhancers and will keep you up for the whole day. The classic styles will have great fabrics and also exquisite designs. The various designs include, gingham check, swag sets, slither dale, and also eye let tier. It is a safe option for people who don’t want to risk their windows.

2.As the working area of your kitchen is planned out, storage space can be built to suit your needs. In a small and narrow kitchen you can create more space by making the wall-cupboards taller rather than having them protruding outwards. You will create more headspace and the kitchen will look wider. Such a cupboard or larder can also be used for food in cans, jars and packets.

3.The kitchen stools are not only for sitting, but also as the decoration for the kitchen.Kitchen stools are not just for bars. They provide extra seating to growing family members as well as effectively create a wonderful pub feel.There are several types and designs of kitchen stools. They are also made from an assortment of materials including wood, steel, cast iron and bamboo. Choosing a particular kitchen bar stool depends on the style you need.

4.Colors make a huge difference to the environment of a kitchen. Shades of reds, yellows and oranges render the kitchen with a warm atmosphere, whereas grey provide a cool ambience. To be innovative, some people advice using apple green. By painting different walls with different colors, the kitchen gets a new feel altogether. Bright colors can ensure the monotony to be absent from your kitchen and impart it a fresh look.

5. Some small items also can add coziness to you kitchen. Such as a cute cup cover.

If you have a kitchen with high ceilings and a considerably large area, consider dividing it into sections or islands. Group similar objects in such islands, for example one space for the sitting area, one for the cooking area. Flower vases and show pieces can also be added in these spaces to add to the uniformity and cosiness. Still not sure about how to make your kitchen cozy? If you keep the above points in your mind, and use a bit of your own imagination, you would be the person to best give your kitchen a character.


Kitchen Color Trends in 2010

When it comes to putting color in your kitchen, it’s no easy task to balance the timeless tones with the trendy ones. An avocado green appliance might make your kitchen kitsch, but a bland mass of white paint is more boring than classic. So how does one choose a stylish shade with all this color confusion?

Color Schemes- Your Greatest Quandary?

Even although these hues fire our imagination, there's no denying the fact that choosing shades that exude kindness and effervescence Kitchen Color Trends 2010 can be wholly an uphill climb. Here are a few tips that are clearly to rescue your weak attempts from midpoint:

* A few coats of cool, brusque and light flag will the, much-beloved shot in the arm for small chairs. Dark flag, on the other hand, are an exact no-no, as they make the legroom show lesser.

* The bang of expected light on ensign must be considered earnestly. Try to bring artificial light sources and insignia together, and it's an empty cocktail you are sipping.

* A kitchen that faces north is confident to sputter with cool tones, while a south facing hole flooded in melt tones give you panting for breath.

* The kitchen barricaded and cabinets do not have to the Cane and Able of the kitchen's décor. A equal blushed palette that creates harmony between these two basics is persuaded to source a sensation.

* If you are fanatical to experiment just a wee bit, try painting the bulwark in a shade that's bolder than the one on the cabinets. Something like off-white and pale-blond will desert onlookers completely transfixed.

* Striking contrasts with the help of bold ensign form drama and plot with a seductively intense passion.

* Allow the bold ensign to transmit some of the appeal to the chairs and tables, and beware the stoic calm in the kitchen become ancient tense instantly.

* The electrifying combination of totally painted hand-painted tiles and pure tiles is a marriage made in intention heaven.

* Bright colors like blond and carroty put the punch back into your lackluster cooking experience.

So if you feel your kitchen is floundering for breath, it's time for you to play with colors that have a persistent place in your imagination.


How to Decorate Cooking Zone

Cooking zone is often overlooked when it should be your top priority.But it is a very important part of the kitchen.For the cooking zone, place the kitchen hob near the sink for easy access to water when cleaning up. The workspace, which is the most important part of the kitchen, should preferably be placed between the hob and the kitchen sink; unless you have the luxury of having an island in your kitchen!

A hob is essential. You can do without an oven but regular cooking if your hob fails is difficult. Once hobs were purely functional, often forming part of the oven. Then they separated so that you could build in an oven at a higher level. This also offered you the choice of gas hob or electric oven (or vice versa). Gas hobs have traditionally been popular as they give more control and quicker heating than electricity.

The cooking zone is where fire enters the picture. Centered around the range or cooktop, this is the spot where stir-frys, spaghetti, and sauces sizzle. You may want to keep your microwave and toaster oven here as well. Include:
Deep drawers for pans
Shallower drawer for pot lids
Spice drawer (or cleverly hidden racks in pull out corbels that flank the cooktop)
Microwave cabinet for concealing and saving countertop space
Utensil drawer for spatulas and spoons

Include space for an adequate number of cleaning and drying supplies, as well as a convenient way to store clean dishware. Include:
Pullout rack to neatly tuck dishtowels
Plate rack for storing daily or occasional dinnerware
Undersink pullout for dishwashing detergent and cleaner
Tilt out sink tray for sponges and scrubbers
Foil box rack or drawer for aluminum foil, paper, and plastic wrap storage
Pullout drawer for Tupperware, divided for lids and containers

Don’t forget about the “dining zone.” Though there’s a lot more flexibility involved with designing your eating area, consider adding easily accessible storage for tablecloths, placemats, napkins, or infrequently used china.


Let The Light in

Light is one of the most element which should be considered when you design and decor the kitchen.With good lighting as the goal and the homeowner’s Arts and Crafts furniture as inspiration, this kitchen remodel became truly enlightened.

While the kitchen still connects to the living room, it now features its own gathering place: a granite-topped island with an attached round dining-height kitchen table that matches the cabinets. Removing vertical blinds from the sliding glass patio doors allows more natural light to enter and shows off the Mission style grille pattern that matches the picture window and glass cabinet doors. Recessed lighting throughout the room provides extra illumination for evening gatherings.

A cramped U-shaped layout trapped the cook in a small space and blocked the flow of traffic. Ceiling soffits pushed the cabinetry downward, wasted potential storage space and made the room feel smaller while blocking natural light from the picture window over the sink.

Golden Lighting granite countertops and matching full-height backsplashes add an artistic touch to the room while accentuating the warm tones in the cherry cabinetry. A simple stainless steel ventilation hood and sleek cabinet pulls bring a modern touch to this Arts and Crafts kitchen. An appliance garage to the right of the sink hides away a flat-screen television.

Decorative pendants clustered over the kitchen table provide both functional and fashionable lighting while three pendants over the island echo the kitchen’s Arts and Crafts style. The refinished wood floors keep this kitchen’s look light and airy.

How to Design an Eclectic Kitchen?

Doing a kitchen decor likes the matching clothes.Toaday, the most fashion of macthing
clotes is the mashup which is the favorite of the young.At the same, you can try another style of kitchen decor in your house.Such as Eclectic kitchen which combines modern function with traditional style.

In creating an eclectic kitchen, it's especially important to find a common design thread among the items you incorporate. Because the kitchen often serves as the family’s activity hub, it tends to collect extra clutter. If your design is incoherent, the result can be chaos. On the other hand, going eclectic can be a supremely fun and creative challenge. Coming up with a distinctive design that works visually and celebrates your varied personal tastes can be quite satisfying.

Start with one item you love and build a design around it. "There are so many choices these days in materials, colors and finishes that sometimes you just need to pick something and start!" Valencich says. "Maybe it’s a tile, or a beautiful piece of stone for a countertop." Or perhaps you have a collection of unusual items you’d like to show off. Take that single element and consider its texture, color, style and era to find accessories and finishes that complement it. Don’t be afraid to choose companion items from a different decade or design style as long as you find a common thread.

Color can be a great unifier. If, for example, you like to mix and match dinnerware made of different materials or from different time periods, linking the pieces with a single color (neutral tones are easiest) can have a pleasing effect.

Distinctive surfaces make this kitchen as much a living space as a work space. The vintage-look subway tiles are a good example, with their crackled, textured finish and hardworking practicality. The richly detailed coffered ceiling provides a more traditional look, as does leaded glass in the cabinet doors.

There must be some more better idea for the eclectic kitchen, you can search for them on the internet.