Kitchen Color Schemes

We talked about the color of kitchen before.Different color can bring us different feeling. But Do you know how to use several color together to decorate your kitchen?
Pulling all the components of the kitchen design together can mean co-ordinating several kitchen colors. From floors to counters, colors need to work together.

Kitchen counters are one of the main areas of design in the kitchen. They embody large sections of the kitchen design, and see a great deal of work. Granite countertops in particular have multiple tones and colors running through them. Even counters, which at first glance seem to be one, predominant color, can have multiple colors within. Uba Tuba, a popular dark green granite, has flecks of white, gold and occasionally turquoise within its surface. This gives homeowners a built in pallet. Cabinets and floors can be a warm, honey tone to pick up the gold, while the backsplash can incorporate bits of turquoise, and the alls can take on a shade of green close to white.

If there is more than one area of wood in the kitchen, such as a kitchen island, or hardwood floors, combined with the kitchen cabinets, it’s important to coordinate the two wood tones.

If using light colored cabinets, with a dark counter, try using a darker toned wood floor. Be sure to take the tone of the floor from another area of the kitchen, such as the countertop or island, to pull the design together.

For kitchen islands, try using contrasting wood tones and countertops to the main cabinets and counter. Off white cabinets with a light colored counter can be contrasted with a deep, mahogany colored island, and coordinating deep colored counter.

If the kitchen cabinetry is dark, try using a really rich toned color on the kitchen walls to add vibrant depth to the room, brightening, but not lightening. White, and light colored cabinets, can use lighter tones of paint, so as not to overwhelm the room or the viewer. Use a color that looks well against, but doesn’t necessarily match the other colors in the room.

The kitchen backsplash is the place to accent and highlight the rest of the kitchen design. Pull the remaining tones and colors from the granite, such as the cranberry flecks in Giallo Ornamentale, or the turquoise in Uba Tuba, and mix them with the main tones of the rest of the kitchen.


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