Kitchen backsplash, the protection of kitchen wall

Some people don't notice the kitchen backsplash which is the protection of kitchen wall. They have not realized the importance of backsplash.The kitchen backsplash is placed on the kitchen wall between the countertops and the wall cabinets. It protects the walls and especially the zones behind the range, the sink, and the places where you prepare the food, from staining.

What is the kitchen backsplash made of?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles is the most popular material at present. the tile exist in various colors, patterns and textures and may imitate natural stone as well.
Metal material give your kitchen a modern and simple look.
Natural stone is an exceptionally fine material with a unique pattern for each of its layers, making your backsplash different from that of anybody else.
With a backsplash from glass sheets you will, again, give your kitchen a modern and simple look. And, if you have beautiful pictures on the wall, they can still be seen through the glass, while being protected from damage.

If you want a simple look, select a backsplash with the same design as your countertop.
If you are looking for a more vivid effect, select patterned tiles. For example, you could use square tiles, set on a diagonal in contrasting colors, like a checkerboard.

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