Black kitchen paniting

Color is the surface of a home.It is the first impression to a home decor. Most people will choose the common color for their kitchen wall, like the white, orange, blue and so on. Can you image that a kitchen with the balck wall in your home? Don't worry, it is not exaggerate.On the contray, it looks beautiful and personality.

If you paint your kitchen wall black, you need to panit the cabinet other light color. White and black is the classic partner.So if you panint the kitchen cabinet white, it must looks concerted.

A good combination of kitchen colors in the scheme of your decoration can make your kitchen look livelier and more appealing. However mismatched color schemes can ruin your decor. Cool, light and dull colors that keep contrast to a minimum can expand a rooms dimensions to appear larger than it actually is. While warm, dark, bright colors with several contrasts can actually shrink a space in the minds eye.

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  1. I love it! I am contemplating painting my whole Chicago kitchen black. Do you know of any good sites that feature black kitchens?