Country Style Kitchen Lighting

If you've decided to design your kitchen in country style, rustic lighting can add to its Decor and provide a warm glow to it.

With the growing popularity, rustic kitchen lighting fixtures are available in numerous designs and styles in the markets. You can also check out the specific rustic lighting fixtures which are ornamented beautifully to give a different look. To enhance the rustic lighting, furnish your kitchen with rustic accessories like rugs, mugs, etc.

Rustic lighting often has different styles of Decor like western, Adirondack, southwest, and log cabin. It gives the appearance of coarse, unfinished, and unfussy, but with elegance. Wagon wheels are also popular in rustic lighting products. Moreover, rustic lights also represent designs like cowboys and Indians, tee-pees, and bows and arrows in a suitable arrangement to give an impression of the cowboy region. Rustic lighting which can be used outdoors may include oil lamps and candles with holders.

Besides the above-mentioned, some other well-liked rustic lighting themes are bear theme, wagon wheel theme, and antlers. A bear theme can comprise of bears and bear cubs walking in a forest or climbing trees. Lamps on which these scenes are shown can have lampshades, which are frequently made to look like leather. Lighting chandeliers can be prepared from authentic wagon wheels which are fairly expensive. Antler lighting can also be created with authentic antlers. Moreover, it would be just perfect to use different lighting accessories to craft a beautiful rustic atmosphere in the kitchen.

2010 Kitchen Decoration Trends

Green Kitchen
This not means the green color, I mean Eco-friendly.There are more ways that you can go green in the kitchen too, from energy-efficient dishwashers (that use less water than when you wash by hand), to environmentally sound flooring options made of reclaimed wood and tiles. Ann Sacks even makes a rugged tile from rescued river rocks.

Free Style
Because we're spending more and more time in our kitchens, there is a move away from the all-or-nothing "fitted" look of continuous counters. Look for more freestanding pieces of furniture or features with furniturelike qualities, such as a cabriole leg holding up a kitchen counter.

High Tech
Advances in technology continue to offer us out-of-this-world options, including an oven that can be programmed to keep your food cold until it's cooking time. You can even change the cooking directions from your office computer. Don't have enough freezer space? High tech can help you turn a fridge drawer into a freezer in no time. It can also raise the toilet seat when it sees you coming and clean the shower when you're not around.

Glass Acts
Glass is everywhere in today's kitchens, from recycled and Depression-era glass tiles to opaque glass on cooktops, refrigerators and cabinet doors. Glass mosaic tiles and Venetian glass light fixtures add light and drama.

Forget straight lines and right angles, organic shapes are in. Not only are rounded shapes visually pleasing, they also encourage a more natural circular traffic flow. Imagine never bumping into a sharp corner again.