Eco-friendly kitchen countertop

I want to stress the importance of the eco-friendly kitchen the once more.Countertop, as a main part of the kitchen, must be eco-friendly and healthy to people.

Bamboo countertops is not popular in our life. No third-party organization monitors environmental regulations and worker safety. The resins used to laminate it often contain urea formaldehyde. Avoid near sinks and wet areas.

Stainless Steel often contains a significant amount of recycled steel and doesn't offgas. It is durable but can be scratched and show fingerprints. Cons: Mining and refining steel uses a large amount of energy and pollutes the environment.

Stone, especially granite, is a popular, beautiful and durable countertop option. Stone is also a natural material. Most stone counters requiring sealing to protect against staining—be sure to use a low-VOC sealant. Cons: It is not a renewable resource.

In these innovative products, either recycled paper or a blend of bamboo fiber and recycled wood fiber, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), is combined with water-based, formaldehyde-free resin and pigment.

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