How to choose the kitchen floor tile

When you step into the kitchen, your eyes first tend to glance at the floor and if flooring is not exciting, the kitchen looks very dull and ordinary. On the contrary, if your kitchen floor is embellished with beautiful decorative tiles, it gives an entirely different and a very invigorating look to your kitchen.

Kitchen floors get wet and dirty due to daily use! Obviously a small white tile with white grout would be the worst possible choice as everything would show on the floor and the grout would soon become dirty and discolored. What I recommend is large body tiles (16x16 and up) with texture to help hide water spots and dirt and therefore not require daily care as much as sooth tile. Large tile with a multicolored textured look will also make the area look bigger as the grout will blend into the tile as it discolors and give a seamless stone look to the floor.

I do not recommend designs or tile medallions or tile “carpet” designs on the floor. We believe that countertops and kitchen floors should be functional rather than decorative. They are two surfaces that get a lot of use and become dirty from that use. A design only calls attention to your floor. Let the decorative backsplash be used to call attention to the design elements of the kitchen and let the floor and countertops fade into an easy to take care of functional surface!

Different shape kitchen floor has their own requires:
U-shape - This kitchen floor plan consists of having cabinet storage on three wall along with work stations on each wall.

L-shape - This kitchen floor plan is more space efficient, but of course it works best in a large kitchen.

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