A red color kitchen

Red is always considered to be the most tradiotonal color. Red stand for happiness, celebration, fervor in China. More and more people use red to paint their rooms.The most common colors considered for kitchen paint ideas include warm shades of yellow, orange and red.

You can use the red to give it the country look, the modern look, the bold look or any look you like in your kitchen. It works on a painted wall or as a brick pattern on the wall between the top cabinet and the base cabinets.

Try red on the cabinets and keep the walls white or neutral. This kitchen has a cottage style, and the red adds some interest to the space. You can accent these with a great concrete counter top and have a wonderful updated country look. The cabinets also look great in a shiny finish. This works great for a very modern, contemporary look. Accenting with hardware of stainless works in a space like this. The counter tops can also be a stainless. What a very modern look for a space. This looks is wonderful in a small kitchen of an apartment. Look modern and be like no one else.

Again, try bright red against fresh white. This shade is slightly more contemporary because it uses only red, white, black and stainless steel. Using red in the kitchen as the canister set, or the upholstery on the furniture (stools or chairs) is a great way to bring it into the room without being overwhelmed.You don't have to shy away from color entirely. Red looks great with purple and yellow

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