Modern European Kitchen

With full length folding glass doors, the Verve has large expanses of hazy glass that reveals hints of the contents. The internal cabinet lights add a striking ethereal touch. The aluminium trim compliments the glossy frameless lacquered doors in a lovely dove-grey. Ernestomeda combine this with a brightly back-lit pantry that again uses light to expand the perceived space. Light and airy, the Verve kitchen feels open and spacious. The light colours and theatrical lighting create a peaceful kitchen that is far from dull.

The Supreme kitchen also uses frosted glass cabinets, but in a much more traditional style. The Supreme combines modern light features and its more traditional wood cabinets to create transitional modern design. Sophisticated white-ash frames the back-lit frosted glass doors; the ethereal haze of shapes provides a vitality and life.

The Silverbox kitchen uses a bright blue glass as vivid accent, but also displays the trendy stave pattern we’ve been seeing more of. The Silverbox uses the strong horizontal element to expand the kitchen and provide a uniform character. The aluminium stave doors provide a fantastic texture over which shadows richly play.


  1. These cabinets are very elegant and I think these designs are very suited for my sister's kitchen cabinets because she have a big kitchen in her house.

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