Kitchen utensil storage solution

I gave some ways and solutions to arrange your kitchen itmes, but the utensil we used are too many and promiscuous. How to arrange these utensil conveniently and efficiently? Certainly, you can make a rack on the wall, then put them in rack.Or you can put them in a draw directly.But sometimes, there is water on the utensil, you need to dry it in the air before put it in the drawer.

In fact, you can have a more simple and effective choice.You can buy a untensil storage caddy for putting your utensil in.Which is a good partner of untensil clips. They will make the utensil more cute and attractive. A caddy that is made of stainless steel which is designed to match your appliances. The SimpleHuman line is nice in that you can pick up any of the items and know that they will match. Each of their "stainless" series products feature a steel shell coupled with black trim. This caddy is a nice size and for me has larger openings.

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