Waste use in your kitchen

Most family have some many cookie bottles in their house. Some times, these bottles or boxes are very beautiful which look like an artful work. If the cookie is eaten up, how to deal with the package box? Drop it or save it. In fact, it is a good food container and a decoration for your kitchen. If you have a serials of cookie boxes, it must be very pageantry when you put them in your kitchen cabinet.

There is a secret tips for dress up these cookie boxes. It is using the wallpaper left.These beautiful wallpaper like a weared out the boxes. Measure the height and circumference of the cookie tin, adding 1/2" to the circumference for overlap.Transfer the measurements to the wallpaper and cut out your pieces with scissors or an X-Acto blade. Place the lid top-side down on your paper and trace around it. Cut out the circle with scissors.Measure the circumference of the lids and cut a piece of ribbon to length, adding 1" for overlap.Apply tacky glue to the ribbon and wrap it around the edge of the lid. Are they looks more beautiful?

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