Using rug for kitchen decor

Do you using rug in your kitchen? we are usually see people using bathroom rug, while few people using rug in their kitchen.There are ways to improve the look and feel of your kitchen without emptying your savings account. A rustic, country theme is a great way for your kitchen to feel natural and inviting for anyone who enters.

Country kitchen rugs come in a variety of colors and shapes. Decorating with a country theme is not hard either. Simple old pottery pieces, even if they are broken, are a great match to this style. Also any old wooden kitchen tools make great accent pieces when randomly hung about the kitchen walls. Everything from nylon to wool and cotton to acrylic or any combination of fabrics is available. There are even woven rag rugs, which are best for kitchens. Watch which rug you purchase also, some rugs are easy to maintain and clean, while others can be a hassle.

There is another out of the ordinary thing you could do with your kitchen novelty rug and that is to take it to the wall! Yes, they make good wall hangings too! You can pick up a rug, which has hooks on the end, and hang them with these. The walls will perk up with such innovative use of kitchen novelty rugs. Novelty rugs are just as the name suggests – novel.

Apart from motifs, kitchen novelty rugs also come in interesting shapes. You could have a nice big strawberry or melon sitting in your kitchen sprucing it up. If you prefer more of a vintage theme, you could probably get a rug depicting a wine bottle complete with label and cork!

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