About French Kitchen Decorating

   French kitchens bring to mind wonderful dishes such as coq au vin, fresh truffles that have been discovered by pigs in the woods, souffles, lovely cheeses, quiche Lorraine and lots of high-quality wines. In addition to producing gourmet food, French kitchens have a look all their own, too. While it's true they all have a stove, oven, refrigerator, sink and other normal kitchen equipment, some elements set them apart, sending the message that a French cook lives in this kitchen.

Kitchen design

According to "French Country Signature" by interior designer Charles Faudree, kitchens in France have no upper cabinets in the kitchens. Open shelves above the lower cabinets are popular in French kitchens for dishes and collections.

The most common colors seen in French kitchens are light yellow with red accents, or blue and white.

Cooking tools

Copper pans hang above the stove or center island for easy access. Wire whisks, wooden spoons of all types and sizes and good French knives are staples in every French kitchen, and are typically out in plain sight as part of the decor.


Roosters, often made of ceramic, seem to be a common touch in French kitchens, as are white Staffordshire hens sitting on a dish that looks like a nest. Wire egg baskets full of eggs, blue and white porcelain china, fresh fruit and herb plants also add to the look.


Ceilings are often high and open with beams or nontypical wood such as grapevine fencing.