Kitchen Window Traeatment

How do you decorate your kitchen window?Some people think it is no need to decor the kitchen window. In fact, kithcen window treatment is nothing but decorating a window with curtains, blinds, drapes or valances. These window treatments should be both decorative and functional.

Among all the window treatments, cafe curtains are popularly used for kitchens. These curtains suit well for kitchens designed in the bistro style. They allow privacy in your kitchen along with plenty of light. These curtains come in lots of patterns and colors and you can choose the one that complements other elements of your kitchen. Avoid using these curtains if the kitchen window is above the sink or the countertop.

If you want to have a window treatment that has an uncluttered look, then Roman shades are the best option for you. These are simple kitchen window treatment designs, that go well with any type of kitchen decor. They can be hung flat or hung half way to display the folded pattern. One more window treatment that gives an uncluttered look is pleated shades. You can close and open them with help of a cord and control the amount of light entering into the kitchen. Moreover, they are also good insulators and help to keep the kitchen cool.

Natural light in the kitchen is essential. "Pleated shades offer a privacy treatment and still allow plenty of light," says Pelley.

Just one example of an attractive pleated shade is the Smith + Noble version, available in tones ranging from White to Sky Blue, in subtle stripes and a tropical-looking pattern. It even comes in versions suitable for skylights or arched windows.

Too much direct sunlight is also an issue in kitchens, says Pelley, since it makes it hot and unpleasant to work in. Simple wood blinds or woven wood shades, like the Provenance sold by Hunter Douglas, will filter the light without looking too heavy.

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