How to Design an Eclectic Kitchen?

Doing a kitchen decor likes the matching clothes.Toaday, the most fashion of macthing
clotes is the mashup which is the favorite of the young.At the same, you can try another style of kitchen decor in your house.Such as Eclectic kitchen which combines modern function with traditional style.

In creating an eclectic kitchen, it's especially important to find a common design thread among the items you incorporate. Because the kitchen often serves as the family’s activity hub, it tends to collect extra clutter. If your design is incoherent, the result can be chaos. On the other hand, going eclectic can be a supremely fun and creative challenge. Coming up with a distinctive design that works visually and celebrates your varied personal tastes can be quite satisfying.

Start with one item you love and build a design around it. "There are so many choices these days in materials, colors and finishes that sometimes you just need to pick something and start!" Valencich says. "Maybe it’s a tile, or a beautiful piece of stone for a countertop." Or perhaps you have a collection of unusual items you’d like to show off. Take that single element and consider its texture, color, style and era to find accessories and finishes that complement it. Don’t be afraid to choose companion items from a different decade or design style as long as you find a common thread.

Color can be a great unifier. If, for example, you like to mix and match dinnerware made of different materials or from different time periods, linking the pieces with a single color (neutral tones are easiest) can have a pleasing effect.

Distinctive surfaces make this kitchen as much a living space as a work space. The vintage-look subway tiles are a good example, with their crackled, textured finish and hardworking practicality. The richly detailed coffered ceiling provides a more traditional look, as does leaded glass in the cabinet doors.

There must be some more better idea for the eclectic kitchen, you can search for them on the internet.

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