Power house from Kitchen Trends

Appliance design today is all about the three "e's" – efficiency, economy and ergonomics. Throw in aesthetics and you have the complete recipe for a high-performance kitchen.
Fisher & Paykel's R&D department has long recognized the role new technology can play in the development of its products. The company's latest appliances monitor their own performance to ensure they deliver the best results, says Laurence Mawhinney, Fisher & Paykel's vice president sales and marketing.
"The 36-inch Fisher & Paykel CookSurface, and OB30 oven are indicative of the futuristic technology now coming on stream," he says. "These products reflect changing lifestyles."
The CookSurface is a frameless black glass cooktop that features retractable gas burners and pan supports. When the burners and knobs are recessed, the cooktop presents a smooth, clutter-free surface that is easy to clean.
Mawhinney says the Aero™ burners' precise temperature control provides greatly improved cooking results. Variable-speed fans regulate the air flow, controlling the delicate balance between oxygen and gas levels.
The new Fisher & Paykel OB30 multifunction oven can also monitor its own performance.
"This 30-inch model is not your typical oven," says Mawhinney. "With its accurate and intelligent electronic temperature controls, the oven has a very small temperature fluctuation, delivering a far more consistent cooking result."
The OB30 oven has numerous user-friendly features, nine cooking modes and a high-tech True Convection system for even heat distribution. It also has a large, 4cu ft capacity so you can cook several dishes simultaneously.
Both the oven and CookSurface are designed to be paired with a 36in Fisher & Paykel range hood.
Refrigeration and dishwashing are also catered for in the Fisher & Paykel line-up. The company has expanded on its innovative DishDrawer concept, providing a CoolDrawer refrigerator that can be positioned wherever you need it in the kitchen.
The CoolDrawer has ergonomic benefits and also helps streamline meal preparation. And the refrigeration can be personalized at the simple touch of a button – the drawers can be programmed to freeze or chill food or wine as required.
The Fisher & Paykel DishDrawer has also had an upgrade, with the recent release of the larger DishDrawer Tall dishwasher.
"This DishDrawer has a much larger top drawer and a completely redesigned racking system," says Mawhinney. "It is also energy efficient and Energy Star approved."
Both the CoolDrawer and DishDrawer are available in stainless steel, or they can be fully integrated into kitchen cabinets for a seamless look.


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