A Colorful Kitchen: Kitchen Color Decorating Trends

Create a bold and spicy kitchen with colorful accents that make people stand up and take notice of your trendy interior decorating skills.
Kitchens have long been the gathering place for friends and family which makes the kitchen one of the most important rooms in the house. Staying on top of kitchen trends can be difficult, not to mention how expensive it can be. But keeping abreast of color trends in a kitchen is easy to do and can be done inexpensively as well.

Top Kitchen Color Trends
This season the top accent colors in a kitchen are tangerine orange, Curacao blue and lime green. These colors are wonderfully bright and exciting and really spice up a kitchen interior. Oddly enough two of them (blue and green) are not appetite inspiring colors so they may help you stay on track with your diet.

Keep the Counters
Countertops are typically one area that people like to change when they’re doing a remodel or even just giving a kitchen a little refresher but they can be terribly expensive. To make your countertops look like new, try adding colored accessories to their tops. If you’ve got a countertop that is composed of several colors rather than a solid color you can really create an impact by highlighting one of the more subtle colors through accessories. For example, if you have just a little bit of orange in your marble counters, add some bright tangerine orange accents and that color will pop out of the marble and give it a whole new appearance.

Cover It
New appliances are pricey but it’s tempting to get a new, trendy appliance that isn’t that horrible outdated bisque color. Why not cover the color instead. They actually make covers for refrigerators and dishwashers that will cover the bisque and allow you to bring in bold new color trends in dramatic ways.

Faux Wallpaper
Turn solid colored walls into faux wallpaper that is bursting with trendy kitchen colors. Wall clings or wall adhesives don’t just come in cartoon characters and sports memorabilia, they come in much smaller designs and even stripes. In fact, you can request almost anything you want be made into a wall adhesive and then create your own wallpaper that can be rearranged and removed whenever the mood strikes you.

Plate Decor
It’s such a simple solution and it’s so appropriate for the kitchen, mount some plates on the wall. Today plates are much less expensive than they were in the past and they come in incredible colors and patterns. Don’t just use these plates for mealtime, hang them on the walls for added visual interest. Create eye popping excitement by placing them along a soffit, establish vertical interest by lining them up floor to ceiling on the wall, or line them up along a windowsill.

Kitchen Curtains
Kitchen curtains are so often ignored but they can really boost the spirit of a room, not only by bringing color into the space but with the light streaming through them can change the entire tone of a room. Curtains don’t have to be expensive, in fact you can even create no-sew curtains by yourself in a weekend.

If you want to follow the latest kitchen color trends then adding tangerine orange, lime green and/or Curacao blue will put you on the cutting edge. But if you want to add other colors or update the look in the future these inexpensive kitchen interior design tricks will help you do that without breaking your budget.

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