Update your kitchen with your creative idea

The kitchen looks a little old, bleak and torpid, what should we do? Redecorate the kitchen? It is not necessary to do that. May be you can change the status by some small design or your creative idea. The most important thing is you can do it without breaking the bank. Here, I can give some suggestions, and I hope it could be useful for you.

1.Painting the walls in a lovely new colour will do a lot to lighten and brighten, but don't stop there. Repainting the cabinets can completely transform your look -- after all, cabinetry takes up most of the wall space in many kitchens.

2.Update the backsplash. This can be done with a bit of tile, a new coat of paint, wallpaper, or even beadboard.

3. Make a curtain for your kitchen window.Choose a fabric with beautiful color and pattern which you like.Some times, a small change is the key links.

4.slatted blinds in wood or PVC make a clean-looking (and easy-to-clean) kitchen window covering. Wood blinds have the added advantage that you can paint them to match your colour scheme.


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