Vintage Kitchen Decorating Ideas

     In many ways, nothing says homey or cozy like a vintage styled kitchen. The kitchen is already one of the best rooms in the house for sitting down with a piece of pie and a good book; it becomes even more so with vintage decor. Vintage decor can make this room seem like a kitchen on "Leave it to Beaver" or the "Brady Bunch," emitting both a safe and comforting feeling.  

Brick Hearth
Nothing says vintage like a brick hearth behind your stove, or to put it more aptly, a brick hearth strongly evokes the Colonial period, claims the website Kitchenbathideas.com. You can use that brick hearth as a foundational piece from which to continue decorating in a vintage manner. For example, copper pots hung on or around the brick hearth complete the Colonial feel. Consider installing a farmhouse style sink; the massive depth of the sink and pure functionality will point to the Colonial period, furthering the vintage theme. Bronze light fixtures that are somewhat weathered and soapstone counters will help to complete a historical look.

Lights and Walls
Painting kitchen walls the right color can really help you to identify which period you want your kitchen to evoke. For example, for kitchens to resemble something from the 1890s to the mid 1900s, basic white, cream or even light yellow walls are suitable. For kitchens from the mid 1900s to the 1970s, more striking colors such as blues, mint or olive greens, reds and oranges are suitable. Invest in a few lighting fixtures from the period but have them rewired for safety and your kitchen will have a strong foundation for further vintage decor.

The right accessories and other small touches will help to complete the finished vintage look of your kitchen. You can find things like blue and white speckled pots, copper pots, chrome cannisters, milk bottles, butter churns, wire egg baskets, old clocks, sets of antique or retro dishes, vintage signs and rag rugs on the Internet, at yard and garage sales and secondhand and antique shops.


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