Fire and ice from Home & Architectural Trends

Technological wizardry in the home isn't just about new home automation and entertainment systems. Kitchen appliances are also reflecting ever-increasing technology breakthroughs.
Two of the latest innovations changing the look and functionality of modern kitchens are the result of extensive research and development by leading appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel.
The new 36-inch CookSurface, shown on this page, is a frameless black glass gas cooktop with retractable gas burners and pan supports. The CookSurface supports three gas burners, which rise out of the cooking surface when the control knob is activated. When the burners and knobs are recessed, the cooktop presents a smooth, clutter-free surface that is easy to clean.
Laurence Mawhinney, Fisher & Paykel's vice president sales and marketing, says the cooktop's Aero™ burners provide precise temperature control for greatly improved cooking results. Variable-speed fans regulate the air flow, controlling the delicate balance between oxygen and gas levels.
Fisher & Paykel's new 36-inch CoolDrawer, shown above, is a natural extension of the DishDrawer concept. This modular drawer refrigerator allows you to customize your refrigeration, and position it exactly where you need it. Mawhinney says the CoolDrawer provides ergonomic benefits and also helps streamline meal preparation.
"But, most importantly, the refrigeration can be personalized at the simple touch of a button. The drawers can be programmed to freeze or chill food or wine at the desired temperature."
The drawers are available in stainless steel, or they can be fully integrated into your cabinets for a seamless look.


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