How Kitchen Counter Tops Can Improve The Look Of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen counter tops are a major element of your kitchen and just making the simple change of replacing your counter tops can make a huge difference in the way you kitchen looks.

Take a good look at you kitchen one of the major things that pop out at you? The cabinets - the appliances - and the counter tops. Making changes to all three will certainly change the look of the kitchen, but even changing as the counters can make a big difference.

Kitchen counter tops can be made out of a variety of materials. On the lower end is Formica and up on the higher-end is granite. Somewhere in between is Crain, concrete, stainless steel, tile, and even marble. These days with counters your imagination is the only limit and I recently even saw counters made out of the beautiful on ex-that will let from underneath it was sensational!

If you like the look of granite (and who doesn’t?), but you lack the funds you might try Corian which is a man-made material that mimics the look of granite but is a lot less expensive. You can get Corian counter tops in a variety of different colors and patterns and some even come with the anti-microbial coating to make them resistant to bacteria.

Tile can make for interesting kitchen counter especially if you have a southwestern kitchen design. you can get a lot of interesting colors and designs in the tile but beware that cleaning grout can be a real pain. In particular, make sure you do not use white grout as this will stain easily and you’ll find yourself constantly scrubbing it to keep it clean looking.

If you want to keep your kitchen counter tops as germ-free is possible that you might want to try stainless steel. These are pretty easy to keep clean but you may have to watch out for scratching.

For an elegant look you might want to try marble but be careful that you have it sealed properly as marble does stain.

Granite is a timelesss option for kitchen counters and gives your kitchen a really upscale look. You don’t ever have to worry about Granite going out of style and it’s pretty easy to take care of two. You do want to make sure that it’s sealed correctly as it Is porous and can stain.

When choosing new kitchen countertops be sure you match them to the overall style of your kitchen. If your kitchen is very casual, that marble may not be a good choice. if your kitchen has an industrial look than stainless steel might be perfect.

Always remember that your countertops and the functional purpose and you want to consider ease of use and cleaning when choosing a material for them.

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