7 Stylish Utility Sinks

1.Laundry rooms are not generally considered sexy, beautiful spaces in the home but that doesn’t mean they can’t be attractive as well as functional. Naturally, their most important feature is function and if you’re lucky enough to have a dedicated laundry room, then one feature you will surely wish to install is the utility sink. In the days of the basement laundry room, it was common to have a large utility sink for hand washing, pre-soaking, or spot cleaning. These big sinks were not used for food prep or personal hygiene but for basic household talks such as cleaning clothes and cleaning larger buckets, mops, etc. However utilitarian they are, there are many sinks that look good as well. And, as long as you’re doing the dirty work, why not do it in a pleasant space.

2.One of the sweetest laundry rooms I’ve seen was in the HGTV 2010 Green Home in Plymouth, MA. I visited the house in June 2010, just before it was given away and was charmed by the multi-purpose mud/laundry room just inside the home from the garage. The snappy red appliances were set off against the cool gray/blue woodwork. The utility sink was a simple under mount integrated into a granite counter top. While not large (the room was quite small as well), the sink offered service to both laundry and gardening needs. A very charming workspace indeed!

Here is a roundup of several attractive, and functional, utility sinks for your laundry area.

3.The 3-bowl Scullery Sink recalls days gone by of grand English country estates and scullery maids scurrying about washing dishes and laundry. While most of us are doing our own “scullery” work, this sink will make that job much easier. The sink is 42” high to reduce back strain and the three bowls makes hand washing clothing an easier task for simultaneous hot wash, cold wash and/or bleach washing-whatever is needed to get the job done.

4.The All Purpose china sink works well in country and classic settings and can be wall or counter mounted. The high gloss china is stain and bacteria resistant. The classic white porcelain look is always a winner.

5.The Bayview wall mount small sink by Kohler is a great choice for smaller laundry rooms. Though small, the depth is deep for great functionality. The cast iron sink comes as a wall mount with an optional sink stand. The finishes range from Almond to Ice Gray.

6.This classically styled Farmhouse sink is sure to make a bold statement in this snappy blue finish. There’s no reason why even a modest utility sink can’t be stylish!

7.This sleek stainless steel utility sink from Julien offers the modern appeal of stainless steel construction and comes in several styles and configurations to fit any job. From wall mount sinks, to counter drop-ins or undermounts to stand-alones, these sinks are a great choice for smaller spaces and those seeking a modern, industrial edge in their designs.

Ikea, the go-to source for low priced modern design, offers a stand alone utility sink that offers a double stainless steel bowl and two-door cabinet. Add a crane neck faucet to make this a stylish, utilitarian piece.

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