Kitchen style serials:country kitchen

Rich color encloses and creates a cozy country kitchen feeling. Counter space is abundant with plenty of seating for the kids and their friends. The combination of the warm colored cupboards and the distressed cool gray of the lower wainscott panels adds a nice contrast not only with the colors but also the clean lines of the ceiling and walls.

French Country: Framed cabinets in either raised or recessed panels outfit a room with French country flair. Cherry and oak cabinetry—glazed, distressed or pickled for an authentic finish—reign supreme, though pastel painted cabinetry is also a wise choice. Decorative shelving, the use of beadboard, a butler’s wall or pantry and plate racks will add to the genuine French Country feel.

English Country: Slightly more proper than French country, English country style relies on a square cabinet design accented by curves. To maintain a handcrafted look, light or natural cabinets in pine or oak are prevalent. A sizable wooden mantle range hood, wood cutouts in valances, and intricate crown and rope molding add authenticity.

Farmhouse: The words “wood” and “heirloom” should guide your decorative decisions when creating a farmhouse kitchen. Stained wood, both light and dark, fit in well, though excessive glazing and finishing can create a look that’s a little too complicated.

Cottage: Consider driftwood-like finishes for a seaside cottage feel. If you’re leaning more toward a lake look, a slightly darker (but still natural and wooden) cabinet is your best bet.

Here are some tips for decorating the kitchen:

The most apt colors for adorning the country kitchen are the subtle shades of green, blue, pink, brown and white.
To get the feel and look of a country kitchen, add some accents. To name a few, we have the gorgeous flowers, lush green plants, fresh fruits and vegetables.

Incorporate wicker furniture as in the furniture made from natural wood or fiber in your country style kitchen and upholster them. If you don't want to replace your existing furniture, then check out some new slip covers in floral motifs.

As far as the flooring of country style kitchen is concerned, the best options are natural wood, flagstone and tiles. You can also go in for laminate flooring.

When it comes to country kitchen d├ęcor, accessories help a great deal in enhancing the charm of your kitchen. A great idea to add a personal touch to your kitchen is to put some family pictures in the wooden photo frame and place it on the kitchen cabinet. Embellish your kitchen windows with the silky lace curtains.

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