Arrange your kitchen

Do you think your kitchen disheveled? There are so many kitchen appliances and tools in kitchen, if you have no efficient ways to organize these appliance and kitchen tools, the kitchen will not be a kitchen, it will be a "trash can".

The most efficient organizing principle is to group things by activity and keep them stationed around the starring appliance.

This is the key element of kitchen arrangement. Simple format of arrangement and compatibility of each furniture will increase space of your kitchen.

Large furniture sometimes, take up too much space of the room which sometime is not necessary and this will make the room look smaller. Therefore, furniture that should be used in tiny kitchen should be small shape, has lower and clear armrest. It would be better to choose furniture that has the shape to show curvature figure and obvious concave or having table that has is the clear glass tabletop, because the weight is light.

Anything that doesn't fall under the main kitchen-activity categories — baking, cooking, serving, and storing — doesn't need to be taking up valuable space. Larger serving dishes and roasting pans should go on low or high shelves in the kitchen or pantry.

If you're really strapped for space, store seldom-used and seasonal items, such as birthday-cake molds and cookie cutters, away from the kitchen entirely. Be sure to label the boxes or storage containers so you know what's stored where.

As for never-used fondue sets, chafing dishes, bread and ice-cream makers, snow-cone machines, and creme brulee torches, share the wealth at your next tag sale.

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